Wednesday, October 17, 2007

23: My Lover Capable of Murder...

During the flight, Andre and Salvador noticed that Isabel kept on glancing back at Salvador. This made Andre jealous! The honeymoon, which run for a whole week (about 4 or five episodes or more), consisted of Isabel baring Andre from her bed, Andre sleeping with a servant, Andre pretending to everyone (especially Salvador ) that they were the ‘perfect’ couple.

Salvador surprising everyone especially Vicky, about his profound knowledge about the Island, and the family who took care of the house in the Island.

Andre became jealous and suspicious of Salvador, he discovered that Salvador knew way too much information (almost like Pedro). Salvador and Isabel ‘stealing kisses’ under Andre’s nose (underwater), and Andre leaving Salvador out in a small boat at the sea to give him a sever sun-burn that almost killed him (this was almost Andre’s first attempt on Salvador’s life).

All Andre was looking for was approval he kept on asking Isabel that ‘if he were in Salvador’s place (with the sunburn) would she worry and care for him as much as she did for Salvador?

At the Donoso house, the atmosphere was relaxed (except for Rebecca, who cried for the love of her life, Salvador. And Walter who was disgusted to be left with the rest of the servants). Simon started to see the ‘new, pretty, and sweet Valeria’, and Valeria could entertain the household with her piano pieces. However, all this was interrupted when the ‘couple’ returned unannounced from their sour honeymoon, and the first thing Andre did was to pull out his gun to point at the dog, Azur, who was barking at him furiously.

Angela had forbidden Andre from living in the house, but Andre latter moved in into the guest room. So as to save Salvador from Andre’s anger, Isabel fired Salvador (Andre had told Isabel at the honeymoon that if he ever discovered that there was another man in her life, he would be capable of murder).

So Salvador was fired, but Angela did not allow it (she had grown fond of Salvador, and Salvador had become her legal advisor secretly after her lawyer’s murder), so she let Salvador be fired, and re-hired him as her personal driver (Although they did not know it, this helped Angela spend more time with her Father-Pedro/Salvador, and Salvador (Pedro) educated his daughter on all the business and legal issues, which he had failed to do as Pedro)...

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Anonymous said...

You are perfectly right. The latest episodes of "Lorenzo's Wife had been horrible. I happened to switch on to it one early morning and I horridly switched off my set. What can cause this high level of immorality? I think the devil is in action. Whao! these people are demonic. Don't you think so.

I don't blame you for the break. But it depends on the mind-set.

Well thanks. Please keep me posted. I love Sylvia, nati and I would like to know if Mimi had her baby.

I love you. Say me hai to your lovely family.