Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snippet 19: Misunderstood!

Walter and Rebecca were planning on poisoning the dog, as it was preventing them from entering the entrance of the secret place where they suspected Pedro had kept his jewellery. So without telling Rebecca, Walter put poison in a jar of water to give the dog, but he was called by Isabel. So by mistake, Abigail gave the water to Valaria, who claimed the water tasted funny.

She later suffered from severe side effects and wasn’t able to see properly, but she bumped into Salvador who wanted to take her to hospital, but Walter insisted it was not necessary (since he did not want to be discovered). In the end, Salvador managed to take her to hospital and save her life. However, everyone else including Isabel thought she had taken poison to kill herself.

She managed to convince them that she was sane. It was during this time a couple of episodes later Salvador saw Isabel kissing Andre, and he started feeling bad about the whole situation (He was not sure about his feelings as at this time, he had not yet discovered about Isabel’s and Andre’s betrayal). In the end Valaria recovered and thanked Salvador personally through the insistence of her Aunt Rebecca (who didn’t think Salvador could fall for a person like Valaria). In the end she told Salvador, how much she felt that he belonged to the house, and this made him so she had touched his heart

Some episodes later after Salvador discovered Andre’s and Isabel’s betrayal, Isabel had started and continued ‘playing’ with Salvador, telling him that it was common for all men including employees like him to fall in love with her, as she was unattainable. (This was because she was attracted to him) Isabel saw Salvador as a ‘challenge’ and was completely unprepared to fall for him. Salvador asked Isabel if she gets tired of using people and cheating on them like ‘the old man Donoso’ and now Andre.

She tried to convince him (or was it herself?) that she loved Andre. At some point Salvador started kissing her and she lost all coherent thought... In another episode, Salvador left a rose with a note in Isabel’s and Andre’s car, when they had both gone for a date, to congratulate them...but he signed as himself-Pedro Jose Donoso. Isabel was spooked as she recognized Pedro’s name and handwriting, but Andre thought she had an overactive imagination.


dorcas said...

God bless u
but how in the world do u get these? so far as am concerned they fucked up by going back to the beginning in galaxy tv

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

It is wonderful of you to have this fascinating soap opera for inquisitive hearts like me. I love it, Thanks alot.