Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Duel of Death

We have entered the vengeance episodes of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. Punishments is being awarded to the guilty and the wicked. Like I already told you, you can get into the flow of this telenovela by visiting the sitemap of the full story on my other telenovela blog from the beginning, up to date. Over to you again Tessie:

Later, when Andre was home, Valeria started practicing her piano again. This further irritated Andre and he told himself that he would save his energy for someone else who was much more important. Meanwhile downstairs, Antonio and Angela showed the household the new baby items they had bought for the baby. Isabel came in and went without hesitation to confront Andre.

Andre let Isabel in his room, and Isabel confronted him with trying to kill Salvador. With Valeria’s piano still playing in the background, Andre snapped and told Isabel that he did intend to kill Salvador as Salvador had been sleeping with her, he further informed her that not only had he tried poisoning her, but he had tried suffocating her with her pillow, and if it wasn’t for Walter, he could have shot her to death. As he said this, he closed his bedroom door and approached an upset and shocked Isabel and slapped her and continued beating and kicking her with his foot.

Valeria continued playing the piano until she heard Isabel screaming. Valeria went to Andre’s room and tried opening it but couldn’t since the door was locked. Rebeca tried knocking but the door was still closed. Valeria went downstairs and told Angela, Antonio and the entire house-hold to help her as Andre was beating up Isabel. As the household made their way upstairs, Andre opened the door and screamed at Rebeca to leave him alone and then left. The household arrived and opened the door and found Isabel unconscious bleeding from her mouth. Antonio went after Andre, but after insulting the barking dog, Andre had left for his appointment to kill Salvador at the factory.

Antonio went back into house after the insistence of his worried mother Abigail. Isabel had been laid on the bed and the doctor had been called to examine her. However, it was seen as best to take her to hospital to ensure there was no internal bleeding.

Salvador was still working at the office when the last director bid him a goodnight. After this, Andre called Salvador through his office phone to mock him to come out. When Salvador went to Andre’s office, he found it empty. The phone rang again and Andre told Salvador not to be so stupid, as he wouldn’t try and shoot him in the office as the security team were always there. Andre told Salvador that the only place that was not monitored was the warehouse, and that was where he found himself. He then asked Salvador to meet him at the Warehouse.

Salvador entered the warehouse and called for Andre.. Andre, who was above him on a veranda in the warehouse, was pointing a gun at his back. (After this, the credits start after which we see Andre has lost Salvador and can’t locate him, or maybe Citizen TV cut out some of the footage). Andre has lost Salvador and is looking for him, calling his name. But Salvador replied him by telling Andre about the story of his (Andre’s) life- about how Andre’s parents died when he was just a small boy, how he faced hardships and went through without any comforts, but he (Pedro/Salvador)decided to help him, how he treated him like his son.

At this, Andre was amazed about how much Salvador knew about him and how he was talking like Pedro. He even lowered his gun. Salvador continued by telling him how he bought him (Andre)clothes, since he never had any to put on and how he removed Andre from the horrible room he was living in and moved him to a decent place to live...By this time Andre was too shocked and fearfully asked Salvador, how he knew so much about him.

Salvador instead asked Andre, who would have done so much to have helped him (Andre). Wasn’t it a sentimental old man who made the mistake of trusting a ‘rabid dog’, who was only waiting for an opportune moment to attack him?

At this Andre raised his gun (he was tired of the confusion Salvador was instilling in him). Salvador told Andre that he had forgiven him for killing him, but he would never forgive Andre for being so ungrateful. Andre was about to shoot him until he looked at Salvador’s face...which was no longer Salvador’s face, but as the old man Pedro’s , exactly as he was in the first episodes. Andre was confused, he took time to shake and clear his head...this was impossible, Salvador must have been confusing him...

The seconds Andre tool to clear his head, Salvador had disappeared. Andre was upset and he started running looking for Salvador (it almost looked like a scene of a James Bond movie, especially with the background effects) calling out to him and telling him that he (Salvador)could not be the old man Pedro....Pedro was dead and dead men do not raise from their tombs. When Salvador refused to appear, Andre kept his gun down, so that Salvador could come to him, but as soon as he heard Salvador’s voice, he picked up his gun again..

Salvador told him that he had picked the prefect place for their meeting as it was in the warehouse; Andre started working, until he had allergies and pulmonary infections, and then he (Pedro) had made him in charge of the shipping department after he finished his college, then finally a director of the company.

Andre had had enough; he went on his knees and asked Salvador to stop talking. Salvador couldn’t stop talking he told AndrĂ© how ambitious he was, how he turned from a worm, into a Giant and now a worm again. Andre went crazier and shot around the warehouse trying to shoot Salvador (as he couldn’t still see him, he could only hear him).

Andre finally he saw Salvador. Salvador asked Andre if he believed in ghosts, before Andre could answer Salvador admitted he also did not believe in ghosts as he was a living flesh and blood man, except Pedro lived inside this (Salvador’s) body. Andre begged him not to lie and Salvador told him he had no reason to lie to him. Andre confessed to him that sometimes, he saw him as Pedro, and started shooting at him, but missed him because he was too unfocused due to shock.


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