Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thrice Lucky

If there is one man who has a penchant for cheating death with a disdain, it is Salvador, the hero character of the el cuerpo del deso (second chance) telenovela, played by handsome and versatile actor, Mario Cimarro. The English meaning of that name is "Saviour". He seems to be acting out that name. He came back "resurrected" to save is loved ones, and execute justice against the wicked and unrepentant ones who slew him, when he was "Pedro Jose Donoso".

For the third time he 'escaped' death and, I don't know how long he would continue this dramatic escapes. If anything, the envious noose, set by Andre seems to be tightening around his neck. Would he survive a fourth attempt on his life? Let's read on as Tessie continues her telenovela rainstorm over our love territory:

Meanwhile, back at the shoot out it they show Camilo being carried with the Ambulance as he has been shot in the shoulder. Salvador was okay and he informed Gaetana of what had happened. Gaetana was worried, and begged him not to go to work anymore, but Salvador refused.

The same evening (either in the same episode or in the previous episode) Salvador went to visit Valeria under the tree where she usually sits. He kissed her and informed her that he liked her. Valeria informed him that she liked him too; however she was worried because she might leave him in case Isabel ever decided to move as she depended on her.

Salvador asked her if she would agree to leave Isabel, but Valeria refused by saying that Isabel needed her more than ever now. Salvador then asked her what if he decided to marry her. Valeria was flattered and informed him that if that was the case, they would have to go public with their relationship, especially to Isabel. Salvador refused and instead told her that they could elope and get married like Angela and Antonio.

Valeria said that she could not do anything that crazy. Salvador tried to convince her, but she said that if they kept their relationship a secret, it would be difficult for them to reach somewhere with their relationship, and with that she walked away leaving Salvador alone sighing.

(From a precious episode from this ones, even when Salvador continued sleeping with Isabel, he one time started thinking of Valeria. This was so bad that one night when he was alone sleeping back in his room in Gaetana’s house, he dreamt of both Isabel and Valeria that his spirit was disturbed, just like what happened to the original Salvador before he was possessed by Pedro. Salvador/Pedro was also able to remember in another episode when he was out driving, the day his Spirit literally knocked the original Salvador to the ground. Maybe this shows that Salvador/Pedro’s spirit is not at rest or is disturbed by something).

Walter told Andre the story about Pedro’s jewels being stolen and also showed Andre the secret entrance to the safe in the basement that connected to Pedro’s study. Andre was upset Walter had not shown him this before as they might have been able to catch Salvador playing the piano (Andre had suspected that Salvador was the one playing the piano). However, this might have been too late as if Andre’s suspicions were true, then Salvador was dead.

The following day, Gaetana and Lupe tried to convince Salvador again not to go to work, but Salvador refused but was touched by their concern but still decided to go back to work. Back at the office, Andre was so overjoyed that Salvador had not come, as he thought that he had been killed at the shoot-out. He even mocked one of the director’s that the Salvador’s high position job had gotten to his head that he thought it was okay to go to work late.

Salvador came into the office later, and met with the director, who told him that Andre was waiting for the both of them in his office to hear the mismanagement report. The director left Salvador alone at the office and Isabel came to see him. Isabel asked Salvador to meet with him at the regular place (her former apartment), to discuss about Andre as according to her, Andre was acting in a scary way as he had even tried to kill her and he might try to harm him too.

Salvador told her that Andre had already tried to kill him and described to her about the shoot-out where Camilo had been injured. Isabel was so annoyed that she wanted to storm to Andre’s office to reprimand him, but Salvador prevented her and told her to even pretend she didn’t know about it, as he would deal with Andre by himself.

Andre still smiling and happy was shocked to see Salvador entering his office! His face changed and was even breathing heavily. Salvador came nearer to him in the pretence of wanting to discuss a report with him and even leaned close to him to make him agitated. Andre was even more upset annoyed.

Salvador innocently asked him what was wrong. But Andre could not say anything. At this Salvador removed his coat and help him back against his chair and told Andre that the next time he wanted to kill him, to be a man and do it himself instead of paying some 2nd rate assassins to do the job. Andre agreed with him and told Salvador to meet with him that night at the Factory, so as to finish him off. Salvador agreed to meet with Andre.

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