Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Remorse, Regret, Yes, But Unrepentant

Salvador instead approached Andre, and Andre asked him to get away from him (He did not want a formally dead person near him). Salvador confessed that he was happy to have got what he wanted, which was trust from the loyal family members, and discovering the rotten heart inside of him (Andre) and Isabel...it really was worth returning. Andre begged him not to come closer again (Andre was still holding the gun). Salvador approached him and Andre tried to look away from him..

Salvador commanded Andre to look at him in the eyes, at the father he once had, which Andre did, and Salvador took the gun that was still in Andre’s hand and drew it to his (Salvador’s) head and told Andre “don’t let your hands tremble boy, shoot me and kill me all over again”. At this point, Andre saw Pedro again, as how he really appeared (again like in the first episodes). Without any doubt in his head Andre knew for certainty Salvador was Pedro, and couldn’t shoot him again, at which Salvador slapped him.

Andre wept, and wept and went down on his knees with his face to the floor and at Salvador’s feet and held on to one of Salvador’s foot. Salvador told him he belonged to the floor and left him there alone in the warehouse. (This episode had wonderful background effects and background music, it is unmissable).Andre had finally been defeated.

Back in the Donoso house, Abigail informed Antonio and Angela that the security team for the company had called to inform them of the gunshots they had heard at the factory and that they had already called the police. Simon and Antonio went to investigate what had happened. Back in the warehouse, the police and the security team found Andre curled up on the floor. When Andre saw them he quickly moved to sit behind a carton of boxes and rocked himself like a child, or a mentally disturbed person.

Salvador went back home to Gaetana. Gaetana had been worried and was relieved to see him. She noticed that Salvador was tired and sad. Salvador told her what had happened at the warehouse and admitted he felt sad approaching Andre, whom he loved as a son. He said that it would also be difficult to confront the woman he once loved, Isabel.

The following morning, Abigail was worried because Antonio and Simon had not arrived. A few minutes later, Antonio and Simon arrived... with Andre. Andre was in a state of shock. Simon and Antonio tried to pull him out of the car but Andre brushed them off, instead Andre only allowed Walter to help him out of the car and take him to his room. Andre had the same exact symptoms as Antonio had when he had discovered that Salvador was Pedro, and was in a zombie state.

Salvador visited Isabel in hospital and then collected Valeria, who had spent the night in the hospital, to go back to the Donoso house. He comforted Valeria and told her not to be worried about Andre as he had been discovered in the warehouse in a state of shock. He then kissed Valeria and took her home.

As the days progressed, Andre still kept to his bedroom, rocking himself like a child or an insane person. He even chased away the doctor (the one who used to treat Pedro) as he assumed the doctor also knew Pedro was alive as Pedro and the Doctor were good friends. Everyone was concerned with Andre and most of the house-hold except Walter wanted to take Andre to the mental institution.

Isabel got back home after some days in hospital (it seamed that she had already been told about Andre’s condition). She marched into Andre’s room, at first thinking Andre was pretending to be crazy, but when she carefully evaluated him, she discovered he really was crazy and in a state of shock. Andre stared murmuring Pedro’s name and was acting just as Antonio did when Antonio had his episode of shock when he had discovered Salvador was Pedro. Isabel saw the similarities of Antonio’s sickness to Andre’s and asked Antonio if maybe the shock was caused by the same thing.

Looking at Pedro’s photo in Isabel’s bedroom, Antonio said probably. Isabel then said maybe Andre did not need to go to a mental institution as he would recover just like Antonio did. Antonio said it depended at how you approach the disease either with acceptance (like how Antonio accepted and loved Pedro/Salvador) or with remorse, regret and unforgiveness (like Andre did). So since Isabel did not understand Antonio’s full meaning of his words she looked at Pedro’s picture and decided to wait for Andre to get better.

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