Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snippets 151

Pedro was shattered by the accusation of L.F. With tears in his eyes, he tried to justify himself by reminding L.F that many times when he wanted to tell her the story of Amelia's family, she (L.F) had always said she was tired or not interested, that was why he chose to remain silent. She did not believe him, she just spurned him, as if he no longer exist in her life.

Rigoberto returned home to announce to Consuelo that her game is up and her time of wickedness have expired! She told her that she was just coming from L.F and had disclosed the whole truth to her. The chief concealer was lost for what to say, she was crestfallen.

An unusual alliance sprung up between Carlos Eduardo and Guillermo. Carlos assured him that he has broken completely his relationship with Jenny. Guillermo was happy and he assured him that he would prevent Jenny by every means from interfering in Carlos-L.F marriage. Carlos thanked him but also warned him that Jenny is like a dangerous devil who would do anything to escape being monitored.

A broken-hearted and contrite Pedro went crying to Marissa in her office, he told her how L.F dealt with him having known the whole truth. Marissa consoled him with a passionate kiss. while in the act, the villain, L.A showed up and was shocked to see that they have reconciled again. His hope of reclaiming Marissa, as if she was some sort of prized possession, was finally shattered!!! L.A interrupted their romance but Pedro became wroth with him, Ordonez was attracted to Marissa's office by their noises, he too joined is fighting and sending L.A out of Marissa's office.

L.F is not finished yet, She also went and accused Carlos Eduardo for hiding the truth of Don being her grandfather from her. She left afterwards for Alfredo's house to complete her severance of relationship with Alfredo. She was shocked when she entered the house and saw Alfredo and Xochil lost in an orgy of sexual acts.

Cornered Consuelo begged Rigo not to let Don know that she was behind the evil schemes because the old man would hate her for life, if he knows her plots.

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