Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippet 36 - Ugly Betty In Mode Format

Betty answer was a “No, Walter, I have to eat here, this is my job”. She immediately turned Mode – she authoritatively informed the lady that she was from Mode and was there to review the hotel. That got it settled. The lady, after talking in whispers with another staff told Betty it was her mistake and led Betty to her table. Walter told transfixed for a few seconds still surprised at the ‘Mode’ attitude Betty just displayed. (She was dressed in her High School Prom dress!)

Hilda and her father were in the kitchen, at home. Ignacio asked what she had to do to get such money from Santos. She told him that he asked to see his son in exchange, that night. Ignacio replied that she was just asking for trouble.

Dinner was brought in for Sofia & her crew and on enquiry, none of them knew who ordered it. She knew it was Daniel. So, she served place both hers and Daniel’s on a tray and took it to his office herself. They ate together while making small talks. Daniel only took a spoon and went straight for a bottle of water. It was Mexican food and was pepper-hot, but Sofia ate it with relish because she is Mexican.

At the hotel restaurant, Walter looked through the menu and everything seemed strange to him he complained and decline helping Betty on the basis that he knew nothing about ‘Places like this’. He suggested they go back up stairs, order Burger & Fries and watch Cable but Betty refused, she had a job to do.

Willy & Marc were still keeping their guest company even though they seemed harassed by the display of outlandishness and wildness in the pub.

Daniel and Sofia went to a pub after their meal to play Poker. Sofia challenge him to a game which they betted on with money.

At the Suarez house, a telenovela was showing on the TV and Justin was seated on the couch. Hilda kept walking to and from the door, nervous and getting herself worked-up. Justin told her to forget about his father, that he was not coming. Ignacio, handed a bowl of food to Justin agreed with him, that it was best to forget it. Hilda was somewhat sad and could not stop pulling aside the curtain to peep outside; she obviously is still in love with Santos.


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