Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippet 39 - Daniel Suffers from Sofia Fever on Ugly Betty

Betty was at her desk playing solitaire when the phone rang, it was Hilda. She told Betty she was supposed to be home an hour ago and that the Thanksgiving shopping was yet to be done (Betty usually did it). Amanda came by prancing and looking at Daniel. Betty asked her about her the plans she had with her new boyfriend. She told Betty he called her an hour ago to say that he had to spend Thanksgiving with his wife & children. So, it was over between them.

Christiana came by to confirm the time Betty and her family would be having the Thanksgiving dinner because Betty invited her. After Christina left, Betty looked at the time and stood up with an frustrated sign and went into Daniel’s office. She asked if she could leave and he said okay. But, as she turned to go, he asked if she had seen Sofia or if she left any message for him. Betty replied that she was sorry, that there were no messages and that she had not seen Sofia. He complained to her about Sofia not telling him that she had a boyfriend. Betty who had been in a hurry, had to come back and asked Daniel if he was okay. She sat down and listened as he let out his frustrations about waiting all day for Sofia’s call and checking his e-mail time and time again.

Marc and Amanda agreed to meet at the office to celebrate their Thanksgiving there since they are both dates-less. He walked into Willy’s office to tell her that Nico was coming home for Thanksgiving. Wilhelmina said she already had plans and could not cancel it just to sit at home for a Thanksgiving. Christina, who had been fitting her with an outfit pricked her with the needle while Marc’s face showed displeasure at her response.

Betty finally left Daniel lying on the couch in his office. She told him he had to go to his family’s Thanksgiving but he said he was not going. Just then, Sofia popped her head by the wall and Daniel hurriedly pushed Betty out wishing her a nice Thanksgiving. Sofia apologized to Daniel on what transpired between them. She said what happened was unexpected and that they should be friends. Daniel nodded unconvincingly and they hugged and as he hands moved from her waist down, she extricated herself with “friends’ hands don’t go that far”. She asked if he would be at his family’s thanksgiving, that she was bringing her boyfriend, Hunter along. Daniel agreed that he’ll be there “of course”. She added that in a weird way, she feels Hunter and Daniel would get along fine. Daniel said “Yeah, Hunter, Hunter” as if he is already taking to him but he sounded unconvincing. Sofia then left and Daniel flopped down of the couch disappointed.

At the Suarez house, Ignacio was watching a telenovela in which a reverend sister uncovers the lies of a wanted thief and murderer who pretended to be a reverend father.

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