Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippet 37 - Daniel & Sofia Tango in Ugly Betty

Daniel and Sofia were still at their game; playing and flirting while making small talks. Daniel asked her why she thinks he is a sexaholic, she declined answering him and gave up the game, that he had won. Daniel was not interested in winning as he asked her the question again and she replied that she never said it. The next thing… she started kissing Daniel and they moved to a discreet place part of the pub.

Hilda was upset and frustrated by being made to wait in vain. She vowed to grab Santos by his hair and drag him out if he ever showed up, she then left the house. Ignacio and Justin looked at each other, they knew she was only barking and would never bite.

Betty and Walter were served another course of their meal, he looked at it suspiciously as he had done the previous ones. He could not take it anymore, so he declared that he was not eating it and yelled, “I want real food, Betty!” Betty told him to keep his voice down because he was drawing attention to them but he called back the waiter as asked if he could get Burger and Fries! Betty couldn’t believe what he did and she told him so. He let out his pent up frustrations, and told her that he didn’t like the place and that he hated pretending to be somebody he was not. Betty realized he was indirectly addressing her and she angrily that he didn’t want her working in Mode and that maybe he didn’t belong there. He got up, removed the shirt he had been wearing, leaving the only t-shirt & jeans. He told Betty that he liked the Betty from Queens not the one from Mode, that Betty should tell the Queens’ Betty to call him if she sees her. Betty was embarrassed and unhappy at his outburst.

Betty was back in her hotel room putting together her review. She had ordered Fries & Burger. She thought Walter would be back as he usually does after such tantrums but he didn’t. So, she called his phone and left him a message.

Hilda got home late that night, dropped her bag on the kitchen table and once again checked. Santos was outside the back door, standing in the darkness. She told him he was late (Justin was already asleep) and that she had been all over the place looking for him. She asked him what he excuses were this time and he moved into good light – he had bruises all over his face – he had been beaten up by thugs because they wanted the money he gave to Hilda.

Wilhelmina took a mini glass of drink from the mid-riff of a club girl, with her mouth and upturned her head to empty it into her mouth like her guest had done earlier. He was impressed and clapped for her gleefully (Marc was no where to be found). Nico called and Willy asked if she got the care-package she sent her. She needed some other things which she wanted her mother to get for her and when Wilhelmina mentioned that she’ll sent Marc to get the things for her she hung up.

Hilda attended to Santos bruises and he apologized for letting his son down, that he didn’t want him to see him the way he was. Hilda said it was just a couple of bruises and little blood, that it’ll be gone before Thanksgiving and he could see him then. That was an invitation?

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