Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippet 38 - Sofia Stuns Daniel

Ted and Willy talked about Nico and parenting, being a father of teenage children himself. He advised her to try to make it up to Nico - try being a mother.

Betty got home and met Walter on the front porch. She gave him the fries & Burger. She made him understand that he was not going to lose her, that she was still a Queens’ girl, she only needed him to support her. They held on to each other as the sat there.

The next morning, as Betty and Ignacio left the kitchen to go to work, Hilda told Justin she had a surprise for Justin; she told him that his father was coming for Thanksgiving. He looked disappointed and told his mother that he’ll believe it when he sees him. She tried to cover up for him, saying he still loves him and that he came through for them with the money for his grand father’s case. Justin reluctantly agreed with a “Yeah, I guess”, but told her that Martha Steward would have been a better surprise.

At Mode, Daniel met Sofia in the conference room and he couldn’t keep his hands off her but she kept wriggling out of his grip. He asked her what she had been up to and she replied with a shocker, “I’ve been busy, with my boyfriend”. That left him standing there, perplexed.

Wilhelmina came in from shopping for the things Nico’s requested and a gift from Ted was already waiting for her – a white cow-girl boots. She packed Nico’s things and included the photograph of both of them that had been in her office, smiling thoughtfully to herself.
Daniel told Betty that her review was very good but he couldn’t use it. Why? Because it was “really you, not Mode”. She left his presence disappointed and went to tear-up in the bathroom. Sofia tracked her to the bathroom. She encouraged and boosted her moral. She then told Betty that she loved her article and that she was running it in her magazine. Betty was over the moon as she did a dance step in the bathroom.

(Anyone knows what it is called?).

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