Thursday, November 23, 2006

Episode 63: No To Manipulation!

Jennifer de la Vega is loosing the battle on every front. Having failed to intimidate L.F at home, she headed straight for Carlos office with her bag of tricks. Carlos was surprised with her early morning visit, which he supposed could not be a social visit because it was too early for that. She faltered, and said she just came to alert him of an emergency about L.F, whom she claimed was cheating on him with Alfredo.

Carlos challenged her where she got her information from. She said she saw 'the stupid psychiatrist' in her house early this morning and her entry seem to have disrupted an 'action'. Carlos was furious and questioned her on what she was doing in L.F's house, when has she become a good friend of L.F to warrant an early morning visit. She lied that she went to her house to advise L.F not to toy with Carlos love and to treasure it and not cheat on him.

Carlos laughed and "thanked" her for her Samaritan charity. He now faced her with his characteristic snarl reserved only for L.A and Alfredo, saying: "... Leave us alone! neither of us are going to let you, this time, or anyone else, to manipulate us!" Jenny was dazed that her old tricks have lost its potency, she was ashamed and humiliated out of Carlos office.


She went straight to Marissa's office, hysterical and desperately begging her to intervene and instruct Carlos not to marry a gardener's daughter, and that he should marry her(Jenny) if he wants her(Marissa's) parental blessings. Marissa was telling her how difficult that assignment would be because Carlos is an adult. In the midst of their pity-party, wild Andreina burst in on them confronting Marissa and warning her to desist from luring L.A back to her house and life because now she was his woman.

Marissa returned her fire, saying that she is still his legally Married wife and therefore had a right to still talk to him without her permission. Moreover, she said her office was not a platform for angry outburst of emotional and personal discussion. She threatened her to leave her office now or security men would throw her out! Andreina walked out like a person that was just drenched in a bucket of very cold water.

Pedro repented of hitting L.F on the face, he begged for her forgiveness and told her that he had become a monster and she should help him by forgiving him. Alfredo came in to manage his patient, he embraced L.F to calm her down from weeping and began to touch and carry her face, petting her as if she was his baby. I believe if this guy should turn 80% of the care he has for L.F and concern he has about Carlos unto Pedro, he would have been healed of his insanity. He explained that Pedro may suffering from Schizophrenia, a condition that makes a person to have misconstrued perception of the world around him.

When L.F reported at the Alcantaras for her daily duties, she pleaded for pardon for coming late due to her father's conditions. Don and Rigo understood her situation and sympathized with her. She bursted into tears again because of the overwhelming emotional stress she was going through. Don held like like a daughter and she wept her heart out on his shoulder. Rigo was nodding in knowledge of the truth. Don demanded that he wanted to meet her father to convince him not to interfere in her relationship with Carlos.

Consuela entered and watched to her consternation how Don and Rigo were chatting with L.F as if she were a member of the family and not a house maid. She interrupted their discussion telling the old man that she had issues from the company she wanted to discuss with him. He replied harshly, scolding her for interrupting his more important discussion with Luicita. Rigo quickly took L.F out to the garden, they met Ordonez at the door who came to meet Consuelo and Don. Ordonez was shocked to see L.F there, but Rigo explained to him that L.F works in the house.

It was revealed during discussion that Don did not know about the proposed loan by Consuelo. She had to explain to both Ordonez and Don the purpose. Ordonez was lost in thought, obviously concluding that Don and the nhousehold did not know about L.F being a heiress and grandaughter of Don. Carlos came to the garden ato embrace L.F after he had hot disputations with Alfredo over L.F. Rigo excused them at the garden.

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