Thursday, November 23, 2006

Snippets 73

Lic Ordonez was so happy about the reunion and wedding plans of Carlos and L.F He almost revealed the secret that L.A was the father of L.F and she being the granddaughter of Don Alcantara, but he was interrupted a doctor who came to brief Carlos about Marissa's state. So, Ordonez held himself in check, reserving the juicy information to another time when Carlos returns from Baltimore.

L.A informed Jenny of the trip to Baltimore, this opportunist undertaker latched unto the info and quickly arrange to go too on that trip, hoping that she would be able to mend fences and penetrate Carlos heart during the stay together at Baltimore. She left her fashion Academy, Modelling career, including her contract with the advertising agency, behind just to be close to a man who does not love her. These lady and her fellow gigolo, L.A, did not care a hoot if Marissa dies, so long as their respective evil ambitions is fulfilled.

Medina refused to listen to the pleas of innocence by L.F he took her and locked her up in a cell with prostitutes who mocked her. She broke down and wept. She discovered that it was Vanessa who raised a charge of theft against her. She pleaded with Joaquina to quickly go and get in touch with Marissa and Carlos to come and rescue bail her out of the faslehood and Vendetta of Vanessa.

When Joaquina phoned Marissa at home, it was Nana Rosario that picked the call, after hearing the story of incarceration of L.F. She became afraid and refused to tell Carlos, thinking it would further shatter him, emotionally at the point of leaving for Baltimore with his mother. She concealed the information from Carlos. TOO BAD!!!

Just before L.A left for Baltimore, he instructed Solozarno, his right hand man who fixes all his dirty works to get two people to trail Andreina and assassinate her before he returns from Baltimore. He was afraid that she would leak his secret plan of killing Marissa.

Andreina became afraid of the dangerous games of L.A, so she called her mom in Los Angeles, and lied to her that she needed to come over for some reasons. Andreina was so lucky, that Leopoldo came around, just before the assassins arrived, he agreed to take her to the airport. On their way to the airport, the hired assassins followed their trail to the airport. But were frustrated because they never had a moment to isolate and kill Andreina before she boarded the plane that took her to Los Angeles.

Lucero, upon learning that L.F has been arrested, was distressed. she confided in Armando that Vannessa and her step mother falsely accused L.F in order to jail her in retaliation for snatching her boyfriend Carlos Eduardo.

Pedro went to meet Don Fernando to come and rescue his daughter L.F. because of Alzhemier, Do fernando did not recognize Pedro and said he did not know any girl called Luisa Fernanda.

Rigo went to the mental hospital to tell Pedro the news but was told Pedro has been discharged and gone home. She asked for the address of Pedro.

Heriberto passed information to Consuelo that L.A and Jennifer and Carlos Eduardo have gone to Baltimore, escorting Marissa for treatment abroad.

Carlos informed his mom that his wedding preparation have started in earnest, for a quiet wedding to L.F. Marissa was shocked by the sudden announcement and tried to persuade him not to marry L.F but failed. After Jenny travelled to Baltimore, Carol invited Armando to Jenny's apartment for a short honeymoon in the absence of Jenny.

Pedro and Alfredo tried to convince Vanessa to drop the case, but she avoided them and ran to Consuelo's room. So they pleaded with Consuelo to help them convince Vanessa to drop the case. Consuelo, the evil architect and master-planner pretended to be on their side and promised to talk to Vanessa to drop the case. They thanked her and left.

Vanessa overheard that Carlos was out of town with Jennifer on a trip to the U.S when Rigo was telling Consuela. Vanessa went to the police cell to spite L.F by telling her that Carlos would not come to bail her out, since he has gone on a trip to the U.S with Jennifer. L.F was stunned!

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