Thursday, November 23, 2006

Snippets 74

L.F doubted Vanessa's statement that Carlos had traveled out, together with Jenny to the U.S. She assumed that the reason why Carlos had not come to bail her from the cell was because Marissa's illness has become very critical.

On the first day of the trial, Alfredo got a lawyer friend of his, Daniel, to stand for L.F. Vanessa testified against L.F. The judge granted L.F bail but there was nobody with money or property to stand surety for her, so she was remanded in prison custody. Pedro was desperate, so, he planned to mortgage his house as surety for L.F's release.

Joaquina and Smiley put moral pressure on Vanessa to withdraw the charges against L.F. Vanessa was so ashamed and full of regret. She went to Consuelo asking to withdraw the case, but Consuelo lied to her that Pedro was a former gardener in the house who sexually abused her when she was a kid.

Carlos tried several times from Baltimore to call L.F but his calls were unsuccessful, so he became worried and told Marissa so. When later, his call went through, it was Pedro who picked it, he cursed Carlos and hanged up on him.

Rigo was able to, after long persuasion, bring Don's memory alive concerning L.F. When he remembered her and asked after her, Rigo explained her predicament and wanted Don to come to testify in court that he was the one that gave Luicito money and she was not a thief. Consuelo interrupted them by administering the sedative on Don again, so he could go to sleep.

In Baltimore, Lic Ordonez told Jenny and L.A that Carlos would be marrying L.F as soon as he returned to Mexico. Jenny was shocked and went to Carlos to confirm the news and he said yes. Jenny begged Marissa to prevent the wedding from taking place by every means possible.

The hired assassins reported back to Solozarno that it was difficult to carry out their operation because, a man-friend (Leopoldo), was with Andreina throughout, till she traveled abroad to the U.S.A

Dr. Espinoza explained the details of the impending surgery on Marissa, saying she has a higher chance of survival and that she would live long if the operation succeeded. He also assured Carlos that, though the disease is hereditary, but tests show that Carlos would not inherit the disease. Marissa was so sad, she told L.A to go and prepare her Will, by dividing all her fortunes into two: Half to Luis Alejandro and half to Carlos Eduardo. She added a clause that Carlos should forfeit the half willed to him, if he goes ahead to marry the gardener's daughter.

L.F became more worried when C.E did not show up at the prison, she began to doubt his love for her, she began to believe what Vanessa told her that he was traveling around with Jennifer. Her prison-mate, Maribel consoled her and told her to have faith in God and accept her present situation.. Armando broke the news of L.F's imprisonment to Carol.

Consuelo visited Pedro to discuss his house which he wanted to sell in order to bail L.F.

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