Thursday, November 23, 2006

Snippets 75

Carlos was obviously unhappy about the decision of Marissa to exclude him from her fortune, if he goes ahead to marry L.F He challenged her decision, but Marissa told him that L.F was a gold-digger who wanted to marry him for his money, and that was what informed her He left her with sadness and went to confront L.A and Jenny, telling them that no manipulation of inheritance is strong enough to stop him from marrying L.F.

Conselo pretended to be on the side of Pedro and began to publicly blame Vanessa for not withdrawing the charges against L.F and for the woes of L.F. She later warned Pedro not to let Don know that L.F was his grand daughter, because, if he reveals it the old man may ask after Amelia, and if he knew that Amelia is dead, he may suffer heart attack. Pedro was happy with this, because he selfishly never wanted to give up being L.F's nominal 'father'.

Rigoberto was so angry that she treated Vanessa with a snob at home, because she testified, out of envy against L.F. Lucero told her to repent of the false affidavit.

Alfredo was desperate for L.F's freedom, so he told Joaquina to convince Pedro to confess to L.A that L.F was his daughter. He felt that only L.A could save L.F from the gaol now. When Joaquina told Pedro to call L.A and confess to him that L.F was his biological daughter. Pedro was traumatized and said NO! He went to the prison to tell L.F, blaming her boyfriend for not coming to visit or bail her out of prison. But L.F told Pedro the Carlos did not know that she was in prison, and that he was in the U.S where he took his mother, Marissa for surgery. L.F was sad to learn that Pedro had mortgaged his house to secure her release from police custody.

Carol phoned Jenny in the U.S telling her that L.F is in police custody for alleged theft of Vanessa's money. Jenny quickly passed the info to L.A pleading with him to make sure that L.F never comes out of prison. L.A phoned Consuela to ask after the fact of the case. He told Consuela to bribe the judge to make sure he sentenced L.F to jail. He promised to reimburse Consuelo when he returns. Consuelo carried out his wishes to the letter and bribed the judge to jail L.F.

Caesar visited L.F in prison and told her the truth that Marissa collapsed and was taken abroad for surgery by Carlos Eduardo. L.F was so concerned that told Caesar not to tell Carlos about her case, so as not to multiply the trouble he is already going through with his mother's illness.

L.A confesses to Jenny that he has successfully tricked Marissa into making him the interim President of Metropolitan Bank in her absence. he however warned her not to let Carlos know about it because Marissa did it without his (Carlos) knowledge.

Rigo succeeded in bringing Don to the prison to hear L.F. Don did not recognize or know L.F again because of his Alzheimer disease. But he promised to give testimony in court to support her. However during the trial, the judge said he could not rely on the testimony of a man who has been medically certified to have memory failure. He therefore sentenced L.F to two years imprisonment.

Carlos was worried that since he traveled, he had not been able to communicate with L.F. Ordonez told him that he phoned the Alcantara's house and nobody picked the phone for a long time, that it appears that nobody was at home.

Solozarno phoned L.A to inform him that Andreina escaped assassination and was helped to board a plane by her man-friend Leopoldo.

Marissa developed respiratory complications during surgery and she went into a long comma, so artificial respiratory machine was plugged into her system.

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