Thursday, November 23, 2006

Snippets 72

After their first love making, (in the forest) C.E an L.F cut another deeper covenant of eternal love. He promised to marry her immediately as his wife within a week, and never to betray their love. They never knew that villains of fate have conspired to thwart their dreams by the time they would get to the city. They never saw each other again for the over two years, torn apart, by traitors of destiny. Back in the city the next day, Joaquina wanted to know where L.F slept and she just covered up the truth from her. Later when jealous psychiatrist, Alfredo came, L.F accused both him and Joaquina of being responsible for not warning her ahead that Pedro was mad with her for reconciling with C.E.

Rigo was so angry about the accusation of theft against L.F by Consuelo, and she protested it. She threaten to report Consuelo to Don and expose her evil motive for wanting to incriminate L.F. Consuela deliberately did not want Don to recover from the amnesia, so she did not take him to the hospital. Knowing very well that with his amnesia, he would be in no condition to defend L.F.

When Rigo told Don about the plot and actions of Consuelo to incriminate L.F of stealing Vanessa's money, Don told her he had never heard of anybody called Luicito or Vanessa. Amnesia and Alzheimer disease has stolen his precious memory away at the most crucial moment of his life.

Andreina called Jenny aside and warned her that L.A was planning to kill Marissa as he told her and warned Jenny not to be part of the game. Jenny had to confront L.A with Andreina's allegation, but he denied it. Marissa was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Carlos came to the hospital and because Marissa's condition was in danger, he quickly arranged to take her abroad, to Baltimore, Maryland, USA, for specialist treatment. L.A was sad and he opposed the transfer. He wished Marissa were dead from the overdose of Aspirin, he gave her so that, as her legal husband, he would take charge of her wealth and the administration of the bank. When L.A lost the argument, he now insisted that he too must go on the trip with his wife. He rushed to the office to obtain permission from Heriberto, to travel with his wife for her treatment abroad.

Alfredo granted permission to Pedro to celebrate his birthday at home. Anzola was hoping the celebration would be the opportunity for him to retaliate and stage an entry into L.F's love life during the feast, knowing that Pedro would not tolerate Carlos, (his rival), to appear at the ceremony. While the party was going on to mark the birthday of Pedro, L.F remembered to Phone the Alcantara's house to tell them she would not come to work because it was her father's birthday. Consuelo picked the phone and assured her that there was no problem.

As soon as L.F dropped the phone, Consuela called Detective Medina, that the suspected culprit, in the case of stolen money of Vanessa, L.F has come back to town, that he should go and arrest her at home now. She described the address to Medina. In the height of the birthday party, Medina with other police officers knocked the door and entered, arresting L.F for theft of vanessa's money in Alcantara's house, in the midst of the guest.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Carlos was worried that he never had time to inform L.F of the emergency of travelling to the U.S to take his mom there for treatment. Ordonez assured him that Lupe would pass the information to L.F and he should not worry anymorew. Carlos now instructed Ordonez to get ready every preparation necessary for a quiet wedding between him and L.F, as soon as he returned to Mexico from the USA, He also told him to give L.F any amount of money, she may need to buy things in readiness for the wedding.

Armando repoerted for work as a legal intern and personal assistant to L.A only to be told that his boss has travelled to the USA.

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