Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snippets 76

Daniel, the lawyer filed a suit to appeal the judgement of the judge, he suspected that the man has been bribed, the way he hushed up the case. Alfredo explained to Daniel, that he is in love with L.F. L.F and Pedro agreed to call Carlos so that he can help L.F out of jail. She asked for Carlos Hotel Phone number from Caesar, but he refused to give her his number, because he was afraid that Jenny may pick the phone and L.F would know that Jenny followed him to Baltimore.

Pedro went to Consuela to make phonecalls on behalf of L.F to L.A or Carlos. Consuela fabricated lies by telling him that Jenny and Carlos have reconciled just as L.A and Marissa have reconciled too, and that was the reason why the four of them traveled together to the U.S. She told him that L.A is no longer interested in searching for L.F. Pedro came to break the news to L.F, she broke down and wept over the second time betrayal, she suspected that was the reason why Caesar refused to give her his phone number in Baltimore. Rigo overheard, and doubted if Carlos can betray L.F.

Meanwhile, after Carlos received the news of Marissa's coma, he inspected her and was so disturbed emotionally, Jenny took advantage of his confusion and asked him to come and rest in her room at the hotel. He agreed and went to sleep there.

Out of frustration, L.F fought with a prison-mate and she was punished by the warders and locked up in isolation for two days.

L.A prepared to travel back to Mexico to take over the Presidency of the Bank, since Marissa is in coma, and he told Carlos so, showing him the legal transfer papers that Marissa signed before she went into coma. Carlos was afraid that L.A may be planning to completely disinherit him from his inheritance. He vowed that he would do anything in his power to prevent this from happening. He also was worried by the clause that forfeits his inheritance if he marries L.F. He sent Ordonez to Mexico to monitor L.A and also get information about L.F for him.

L.A went to Marissa's hospital ward and this wicked man mocked Marissa that was in coma, that he had the last laugh over her and the humiliation that she put him through.

L.F had a bad dream while in prison, she saw a cloaked person trying to stab her in the dream.

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