Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snippets 80

L.F gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that was a carbon copy of Carlos Eduardo. Rigo and Pedro came to visit her at the maternity, they were moved with compassion for the new born baby. Rigo advised her to take the baby to the asylum to greet Don so that he can give her his blessings.

Lic Ordonez warned Carlos not to live together with Jenny, because he still loves L.F. Carlos went to talk to Marissa, who was still in coma, thinking aloud with desire to follow her counsel to get back together with Jenny, if that would make her to wake up.

Alfredo did not waste time in proposing marriage to L.F. She told him that it was too early for that because the memories of her love for Carlos Eduardo is still pervasively strong. Later when Consuelo and Vanessa met Alfredo, he told them that L.F has regained her freedom because an incorruptible judge reviewed her case and released her. Consuela almost fainted with astonishment at this news. Vanessa was happy. Consuelo never gave up, she began a fresh investigation into the activities of L.F, in order to know how she must strike next.

Rigo took L.F to visit Don at the mental asylum. Don was exceedingly happy, even though he did not remember having met Luisito before. He was happy to carry the new baby. Luisito announced to him that she had named the boy after him and her father, as a mark of affection and honor. She called his name as: PEDRITO FERNANDO.

On the first birthday anniversary of Pedrito, while all relatives and friends gathered to celebrate it, Alfredo proposed to marry L.F again. This time she accepted but, on the condition that they would have to be in courtship for some time to determine if marriage is possible or workable between them. Alfredo was overjoyed with her conditional acceptance.

In the course of his work, Pedro saw a homeless young boy called Salvador, that roams about the streets. He had compassion on him, so he adopted him as his son took him home and took care of him.

By a miracle and divine intervention, Marissa came out of coma, after two long years. She returned back to Mexico in a wheel chair. The doctor said with regular physiotherapy exercise, she would gradually recover the full use of her limbs. L.A was shocked with the revival and return of Marissa, he had thought that she would die from her state of coma. The schemer once again pretended as if he was happy, with emotional tears, welcoming her and thanking God that she survived the coma.

Carlos Eduardo also went back to work in the former hospital where he was an intern. Jenny told Marissa the 'testimony' of reconciliation with Carlos and how both of them lived together as a couple for two years in Baltimore, telling her that L.F is no longer a hindrance to their love because she has finally broken up with C.E. Marissa urged her to quickly consummate the marriage and stop living like a concubine with him.

Pedrito was ill with high fever and Alfredo brought L.F and the boy for treatment at the hospital where Carlos worked. They did not know that he has arrived from Baltimore and was the doctor in charge of pediatrics. When they entered the ward They were shocked to see Carlos Eduardo, as L.F and Carlos looked at each other the old invisible flame between them got ignited.

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