Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snippets 78

Carlos was furious with L.F for staying with Alfredo in his house. She lambasted him for deceiving her again by going back to Jenny. She told him that she does not want to ever see him again. Carlos left there angry and confused. L.F begged Alfredo not to tell Pedro that Carlos came to his house looking for her.

L.A sacked Lupe and Ordonez and all staff that were loyal to Marissa. He called Armando to resume as his Personal Assistant to the President of the Bank. Ordonez phoned Carlos to tell him that L.A had fired all staff loyal to Marissa from the bank. Carlos assured him that he would visit him the next day to talk over the matter with him. Next day when they met, Carlos asked Ordonez to proceed with him to Baltimore, and live there till his mother, Marissa wakes up. Lupe too told Caesar that L.A had dismissed her from the bank.

Jenny, who was already jealous by the absence of Carlos, phoned Carlos to tell him that Marissa seem to be moving and he should come back immediately to Baltimore. Alfredo went to visit Carlos and told him L.F does not love him anymore for betraying her. Carlos was angry and he landed a big blow on Alfredo's face. The two started fighting until they were separated. Carlos warned Caesar not to tell L.F that he fought with Alfredo.

L.A called Consuela to tell her that he is now the President of the Bank and asked her to make sure L.F return back to prison. Consuela met with the judge and bribe him to withdraw the surety that Pedro submitted to grant her bail. L.F returned to her house and was crying when Alfredo came in, she saw his face swollen and investigated it. She found out that Carlos and Alfredo have been fighting because of her.

Policemen came to rearrest L.F, her bail has been revoked because the presiding judge had withdrawn Pedro's surety. After her re-arrest, Daniel said the only hope remaining for her freedom would be the recovery and restoration of Don Fernando's lost memory. Vanessa was upset with the re-arrest of L.F but Consuela assured her that her confinement is in the best interest of all, including Vanessa. Consuela called L.A on phone and told him that L.F bail has been revoked and she has been re-arrested. She also demanded of him to fulfill his part of the deal by recovering the original Will of Don Fernando from Ordonez.

When Carlos arrived in Baltimore, Jenny learnt that L.F has finally separated from him, she was happy and took full advantage of the situation to win Carlos over to her bed and life again.

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