Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snippets 77

L.F woke up out of the bad dream and she refused to sleep again. Meanwhile, Carlos called Alcantara's house again on phone, and this time, somebody picked it, it was Consuela. When Carlos asked after L.F from her, she lied that L.F is no longer working there, and that she is married to Alfredo now. This was a big blow to Carlos, he hung up the phone. Meanwhile, Pedro was trying to console L.F telling her that Carlos had lied again to her and has gone ahead to reconcile with Jenny. L.F wept and told Alfredo that Carlos had gone back to Jenny. Alfredo embraced and consoled her.

Ordonez returned to Mexico and announced to the senior staff, Lupe and lawyer Mujica that L.A has taken over as the interim President of the Bank pending the recovery of Marissa from coma. When L.A resumed work the next day, he asked for a copy of Marissa's will that transferred the Presidency of the Bank to him. Caesar and Clarita never decieved themselves that L.a loves them, they already envisaged that L.A may sent them packing from the house, in tyhe absense of Marissa.

Dr Espinoza also advised Carlos to return to Mexico while awaiting the recovery of Marissa from coma. Jenny was afraid and disagreed with the doctor, she doesn't want Carlos to go to Mexico because her may learn of the imprisonment of L.F and may want to help release her on bail. When Carlos tried to tell Jenny to also go back to Mexico and face her business, the doctor suggested that Jenny can wait behind to watch over Marissa.

Lawyer Daniel and Alfredo tried to extract the truth from Vanessa, even though she she regretted her role in the imprisonment of L.F but she was afraid that if she tells the truth, she would be tried and jailed for being a false witness.

Consuela registered and sent her father, Don Fernando into an Asylum, she also dismissed Rigoberto asking her to return to Puebla, her hometown, because her services were no longer needed, since Don has gone to an asylum. Rigo informed Pedro that she had been sacked by Consuela.

Pedro was able to mortgage his house as surety for L.F she was released on bail and when she came out of prison, Pedro asked her to hang out for a while in Alfredo's new flat. L.F pleaded with Alfredo never to let Carlos know that she was jailed. He promised her to keep his mouth shut.

Carlos decided to return to Mexico after he got information that Alfredo has moved into another apartment with L.F When Carlos arrived in Mexico, he headed straight for Alfredo's new flat to confront him.

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