Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snippets 79

Jenny began to gradually warm her way back into Carlos life, pledging to him that she would stick with Marissa as long as she remains in coma and on admission at the hospital. She told him that she can never stop loving him. She does this, knowing the love of Carlos for his mother.

A terrible in-mate threatened L.F and a fight ensued between them, they were sent into solitary confinement as punishment for two days. When she came out of confinement, she was very ill, so was taken to the sick bay. On being examined by the doctor at the sick bay, it was found out that she was pregnant!

After two months, Pedro went to visit Don Fernando at the asylum where Consuela abandoned him. He tried to let him know the situation with L.F, but Amnesia or memory loss disease won't let Don remember anything, including who Pedro was.

Carlos settled down in Baltimore and pursued his academic studies at Postgraduate levels. Jennifer also sought for and got a job in Baltimore, She moved in to live with Carlos, despite the reluctance of Carlos to renew love relationship with her. She had planned to wear down his resistance and reluctance over time, moving in to live with him is her best strategy to accomplish this.

L.A in collusion with Armando, began to mismanage the finances of the bank with bad and selfish decisions. Armando moved in to live permanently with Carol in Jennifer's apartment because of the long absence of Jenny.

The news of the pregnancy shocked L.F She broke out in tear and when Alfredo visited her she told him the story of her pregnancy. Alfredo was moved with pity and vowed that he would love and stand by her even though he was not the one that impregnated her. When Pedro got the news of L.F's pregnancy he was mad with the news but later accepted the role of a future grand father to the unborn child. He pledged to L.F to take care and love the his grand child.

Rigoberto visited Don at the asylum, while she was there, Consuelo arrived and She (Consuelo) was afraid that Rigo was still coming around. She chased Rigo out of the asylum and warned her never to come near Don again.

Marissa's conditions improved and became stable, but she still remained in coma. The doctor advised Carlos to always talk to her, even if she cannot respond because it was a good therapy for her full recovery.

Pedro and Pancho revived their business of gardening. their finances improved.

After few months Luisa Fernanda was released on parole from the prison. Partly because she was heavy with Pregnancy and also because she was of good character while in prison.


Anonymous said...

damn.. this is horrile thing that is happening to L.F y do the wicked always have to have their way in everything? if anyone remembers wild rose, consuela is gonna suffer a worse fate than that richard's sister who wanted to keep him away from rosa and in the end got her face burnt by acid! consuela is goin to be consumed by the fire of karma!
she's soo blloody wicked!
and L.F is simply showing her youth by acceptin it everyime they tell her some unture story about carlos eduardo. she should pause and think a little does she think a man who has been showing her so much love would suddenly turn around and go back to jennifer after swearing to her with his life?! i dont understand.. but anyway i guess its just a way of elongatin the whole novela... so i wud still keep on gardening...

Philomena Ojikutu said...

anonymouis from Turkey,

Yes, "wild rose" Consuela would not escape a whirlwind harvest of evil for her wickedness.

But these last ten snippets have been a pitiable ones for L.F and C.E.

Keep Gardening...

Anonymous said...

I wonder why this sort of storyline is written. I have been very uncomfortable about the success of Jenny, though it would be temporary, concerning the schemeing for Carlos' love; and have been so disturbed to see young LF going through the type of trauma befalling her. I do hope that all is well that ends well in the end. What is this story telling us about life, love, lies, corruption and intrigues in Mexico, anyway?

florence said...

Well, I must say that tinny looking jenny de la cunning is less my trouble but for this wicked schemer name LA its so unfortunate that he's doing this to his own daughter. too bad. But do you know the annouying part of the whole saga, its the fact that after LA knows whom LF is that he is now asking for forgiveness. Too bad, well the joy i hav is that CE and LF will still marry wether the darm manipulator (Dr. Azuola, psychatrist) likes it or not.

patty said...

its getting soooooooo sad when will the evil doers begin to reap thair evil works