Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snippets 82

Consuelo told Don that he must return to the asylum, the old man refuses, saying that he is not a lunatic.

Carlos had a private talk with his Nana Rosario when he got home, he told her of his encounter with L.F and Alfredo. He said he had an intuition that the child may be his.

L.F too was afraid of the sudden appearance of Carlos after two years of absence from Mexico. She went to plead with Lupe, Clarita and Caesar never to reveal the truth that Pedrito is the son of Carlos to him. Caesar told her that she does not need to bother about Carlos because, Carlos is no longer interested in her again. He also told her that Jenny is living with him in Marissa's mansion, and he suspected that they must have been married while in the U.S.

Marissa began to question the wrong decisions of L.A in her absence when she was in coma. She began to reverse some of the decisions, one-by-one. She told him that she has recalled Caesar and Clarita to their work in the house. She also told him that she would recall Lupe and Ordonez.

The next day at the hospital, L.F asked Carlos if he had married. He told her that, unfortunately, he is still single, and that if he were to be, he would have loved to be married to her, that she was the only woman who could have made him happy in marriage.

Armando spoke about how beautiful Lucero is these days, and Carol screamed that he should never mention that girl's name again in her house.

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