Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snippets 81

Carlos Eduardo took the baby from them and rushed him to the emergency ward. After examining him, he diagnosed that Pedrito had to be operated on for tonsils. L.F began to pray to the "Blessed Virgin" to save the life of the boy. L.F sent Alfredo to go and bring change of dress for Pedrito from her house. Pedro was so worried because of the illness of Pedrito, when Alfredo arrived and told him that Carlos was to operate on the boy for tonsil, Pedro was furious and said he did not trust him. Alfredo assured him that L.F did not disclose to Carlos that the baby was his son. Pedro warned Alfredo never to disclose to Carlos that Pedrito was his son. Carlos assumed that L.F and Alfredo were married as Consuelo had lied to him. He also assumed that Pedrito was their baby.

Marissa assured Jenny that she would urge Carlos to quickly marry her because it is not good for the two of them to live together as concubines as they did in Baltimore for two years.

Don Fernando slipped out of the asylum unnoticed by anybody. When Consuelo came to visit him, she discovered that the old man has disappeared. This is the irony of locking up people with minor ailment like depression and memory loss among lunatics. They don't belong there, they are more intelligent than the mentally deranged. That is why it was easy for Pedro and now, Don to escape from there. Those who belong there don't depart from there!

Jennifer became paranoid when she heard that her mortal 'enemy' L.F came with her sick child for treatment at Carlos hospital. Carlos assured her that he has nothing to do again with L.F because she is now happily married to Alfredo and they have a son together. Jennifer did not want him to work again at that hospital so that he would not have to encounter L.F again.

When Don arrived at his mansion, the first person he asked for is Rigoberto, vanessa told him that Rigo had resigned and gone to Puebla.

Marissa returned and began to gradually restore all the missing links in her armoury. She recalled Clarita and Caesar to come back and live in the mansion. She also promised Caesar that she would restore Lupe, his mother, to her job in the Bank.

L.F has fully inherited the evil pattern of her lineage, the misery of Amelia and the secrecy and deception that shrouded her life and which she was conceived and born into. Now she too was supposedly abandoned by the man that impregnated her, just like Amelia her mother was abandoned by L.A. Now she is hiding the truth of the Paternity of Pedrito from Carlos Eduardo, just like Pedro and Amelia hid the truth of her paternity from her for 18 years and till today she still doesn't now that L.A is her father. Now she wanted to go and marry the man whom she has never loved just like Amelia married Pedro whom she never loved for almost 20 years. What a wicked and evil pattern to inherit!

Sister Joaquina warned and advise L.F to confess to Carlos that Pedrito was his son, but she disagreed with Joaquina. Later when Caesar came to Carlos, he told Caesar not to lobby for him that he has forgotten about L.F

The return of Carlos Eduardo to Mexico has sent jitters to all evil schemers. Pedro was afraid and went to put pressure on L.F to get married quickly to Alfredo, but she replied that he should give her time to make up her mind. Joaquina supported her decision not to rush into marriage with Alfredo.

Alfredo too was afraid, when he got home, he told his beautiful housemaid, Xochil, (Whom he had already registered into Jennifer de la Vega Academy because sghh had ambition to become Miss Universe)that Carlos has returned, and that, judging by the way Carlos and L.F looked intensely at each other at the hospital. she is still in love with Carlos, and he is not sure if L.F would still be ready to go ahead to marry him as she had accepted during Pedrito's birthday anniversary. Xochil is secretly in love with her master Alfredo, but does not have the courage to tell him that: "Oga , I love you"

Jenny told Marissa that Carlos told her that L.F and Alfredo are happily married and they have a son as fruit of the marriage. Caesar and Clarita came to tell Lupe that Marissa is back and she wanted her to return to work as her Private secretary.

Vanessa brought her new boyfriend, Daniel to introduce to her father, Heriberto.

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