Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snippets 84

Jenny became afraid that the old Nana Rosario was not on her side. Fearing that she might influence Carlos not to marry her, she warned her to be absolutely loyal to her or she would sack her and her goddaughter, Clarita from that house. jenny's strong arm tactic failed to intimidate the old woman who reported her to Carlos, when he returned. She demanded that Carlos warn her to respect her age. Carlos Eduardo warned Jennifer to change her offensive attitude to Rosario and should respect Nana, saying he would not stand anybody to disrespect the nanny that nurtured him from infancy to adulthood.

Marissa called L.A and told him that she had made Carlos Eduardo the new President of Metropolitan Bank and he should hand-over to him. L.A pleaded with Marissa not to dispense with his 'valuable' services for the bank. He said Marissa should let him be the Special Adviser to the President, so that he would be able to properly guide Carlos in the complex business of the bank. When L.A got to the office, he told Ordonez that he is now the new adviser to Carlos. Ordonez disagreed with him that he is not morally positioned to guide the new president. A fight ensued between him and L.A.

Alfredo prevented Carlos from entering his apartment to investigate if L.F lives with him. Carlos went back home. On getting home, he met Rigoberto who begged him to visit Don and treat him as before. She also told him that Consuelo had sent her packing out of the house and took Don to an asylum. Carlos rose up immediately and asked Rigo to take him to see his old mentor, Don Fernando. On getting there, he resumed his care and treatment for Don.

Vanessa demanded to talk to Carlos after he finished with Don. From their discussions, he was able to learn that L.F was in jail for several months while he was in Baltimore, and that it was Alfredo who hired a lawyer to bail her out of prison. He was shocked with this news and became determined to get to the root of all what happened to L.F in his absence, particularly about the pregnancy and paternity of Pedrito.

Alfredo went to Pedro's house to inform him that He and L.F are getting married immediately, Pedro told him to be patient because the church wedding cannot take place earlier than two weeks from now. When Alfredo saw L.F he told her Carlos came looking for her in his apartment, but he prevented him from coming in. He seems to be insecured, so he lobbied and assured L.F that she would never regret marrying him.

Marissa told Ordonez that she wanted to revoke her Will, which she signed just before she went into coma. She said that now that she is alive to oversee her affairs, she no longer needs that kind of will.

Don Fernando demanded that Consuelo should go and look for Rigoberto and bring her back to the houser.

Marissa felt very bad about how Carlos embarrassed Pedro when he came visiting her yesterday, so she requested Clarita to take her to Pedro's house today. On getting there she saw L.F and Pedrito, she carried Pedrito in her arms, and she wondered the striking resemblance between the boy and her own son Carlos Eduardo. L.F was afraid of the truth, she denied the resemblance of her son with Carlos, and quickly went to call out Pedro to meet his visitor, while she went outside with Clarita. Clarita assured her that she has not disclosed the truth of Pedrito's paternity to Marissa, saying, Marissa came only because she wanted to visit Pedro and not because of the boy.

Marissa apologized to Pedro for the embarrassment he suffered in the hands of Carlos yesterday, She gave him a gift of beautiful flowers. She also asked him about the striking similarity of Pedrito and Carlos Eduardo. Pedro, like L.F, denied such resemblance, but Marissa was not convinced by their denials. She too was determined to get to the root of the matter.

Carlos attitude to Pedro triggered the suspicions of Jenny that Carlos was still in love with L.F. So, she deployed her younger sister, Carol to dig secretly into L.F's affairs whether she was truly married and happy in her marriage, including any relevant information about her that would help Jenny secure her firm grip on Carlos. Jenny also started her own investigations by going to Alfredo's house but did not meet him at home.

Vanessa demanded from her dad to rent a new apartment for her so she can live with her fiance, bur Heriberto turned down her request too. She also told Consuela that Carlos Eduardo now knows that L.F was in jail all the time he phone Consuelo from Baltimore. She told her that Carlos also knows that Consuela was lying about L.F being with Alfredo those times, and that Consuela is the principal suspect behind the imprisonment of L.F. Consuela wasafraid, not knowing what actions Carlos might take to fight back.

Carol visited L.F at home and was questioning her about her son, before L.F could answer, Sister Smiley came in to inform her about the preparations for the church wedding and also about the visit of Marissa. After carol left, she telephoned Jenny to tell her that Alfredo and L.F were about to wed in the next two weeks and that Marissa had visited Pedro's house sometimes earlier in the day. When Smiley came back from L.F Joaquina told her that she suspect that Pedro and Alfredo were pressurizing L.F into an emergency marriage because they were afraid that Carlos was back in Mexico. Pedro came to tell Joaquina that Marissa visited him and was saying that Pedrito resembled her son Carlos Eduardo, but he denied it.

After two years of marriage, Clarita has not been pregnant, so she asked her husband, Caesar to go infertility test, to determine the cause of barrenness. Caesar was afraid of the test.

Carlos Eduardo bursted in on L.F and accused her that he was in position of all the secrets she had been hiding from him. L.F was surprised, she didn't know which aspect of the so many secrets!

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