Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snippets 83

Consuela was threatened when she heard that Vanessa went to beg for forgiveness from L.F. She was angry and warned her not to be close to L.F because she (L.F), can harm her by seeking retaliation.

News began to filter to Marissa that the Bank's management was in bad shape, she was obviously displeased with the bad management reports of the bank in her absence, by L.A. So she decided to change Leadership of the Bank by making her son, Carlos Eduardo to become the new President of the Bank.

Pedro came to visit Marissa at home. When Lupe asked him what his mission was, he refused to tell her. Later when he saw Marissa he begged her to prevent Carlos from pursuing his daughter L.F, because she is engaged to marry very soon, and she is happy with Alfredo. When Jenny arrived with Carlos, and learnt that Pedro was around, talking to Marissa. She tried unsuccessfully to prevent him from entering the house so that he would not meet Pedro who is a reminder of L.F.

L.F called and begged Alfredo never to tell Carlos about Pedrito, his son. She wanted Alfredo to claim that Pedrito was his own son. Alfredo demanded as condition for him to take that risk and lie about Pedrito, that L.F should marry him immediately. She agreed to marry him.

Carlos Eduardo swept aside the cunning resistance of Jenny and entered, only to see Pedro talking to Marissa, he was so furious and challenged him what he was doing in his house. He asked him to leave his house immediately, if he does not want any embarrassment. After Pedro left, Carlos protested to Marissa for entertaining a man that almost stabbed him with a broken bottle few years ago. He also said he would not like anybody to talk ill of Luisa Fernanda.

Jenny was worried by the level of passionate defense of L.F by Carlos, and his vengeful hatred for Pedro. All these, she thought, were indications that he was still deeply in love with L.F, despite his claim to the contrary.

Carlos Eduardo became suspicious of the flurry of activities around his arrival, so he decided to investigate the relationship between L.F and Alfredo. He also decided to know the origin of their son Pedrito.

L.A became desperately bothered by the decisions of Marissa that reverses all his previous decisions, he feels humiliated. He knew that it was now a matter of time before Marissa relives him of the Presidency of the bank. He therefore contracted his "Mr. Fix It" detective Solozarno, to find hired assassins who would kill Carlos. He told him to arrange it so that it would look like a vehicle accident in traffic.

Alfredo escorted L.F back to her house. They met Joaquina and Smiley who left the house for the couple. Salvador, the adopted child of Pedro, informed them that Pedro has gone to visit Marissa. When Alfredo got back home, he announced to his confidant and beautiful housemaid, Xóchil, that L.F has agreed to marry him immediately. She was secretly jealous, and tried to discourage her master, warning him that L.F's heart is still with Carlos, and even if she married him, she would not give him her full heart.

It is a fact that Heriberto was not happy with the choice of Vanessa for fiance. He would have preferred the Billionaire heir, Carlos Eduardo. So when Daniel requested a loan to rent an apartment so that he and Vanessa can live together, Heriberto turned down the request. He saw him as another gold digger.

When Pedro returned from Marissa's house L.F questioned him where he was coming from. He confessed to her that, he was afraid that she would fall in love with Carlos again, so he had to go and beg Marissa to advise her son to steer clear of L.F. She told him not to worry about that because, she had accepted to marry Alfredo immediately, only a few hours earlier this afternoon.

Pedro was exceedingly happy and he took the anouncement to Joaquina. Sister Joaquina opposed the hurried wedding proposal, she said that they must marry by Catholic church tradition. The earliest time that was possible is two weeks time and not immediately as they had planned.

Carlos did not yet know that Alfredo and L.F were not living together as husband and wife, so he went to Alfredo's house, seeking to talk with L.F. Alfredo blocked the entrance and refused to let him enter, he also did not tell him that they were not living together.

Clarita and Rosario were gossiping about Carlos, how he still loves L.F and why they supported his desire. Jenny overheard all what they discussed and showed herself to them and insulted Rosario.


Emmanuel Olofin said...

I hope and pray that our dear LF will wake up in time and follow her heart by not marrying Alfredo, thereby sentencing herself to a life of regrets. Indeed, a man like Alfredo who is forcing a marriage on a condition of deception would not be happy with a wife whose heart lies elsewhere. Imagine LF in his arms sighing "Oooh Carlos"!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the expression on LA's face when he discovers that LF is the same Amelia' daughter he's been wanting to meet.
There was no urgency for him to look for his daughter (Fernando's granddaughter) because he had his hands on Marissa's pie, but now that Marissa is recovered and gradually reclaiming her office as well as her powers, the fear of being chucked out in the cold will drive LA to look for his daughter. When this happens, there will be almighty clash of interest between LA and Consuela which may result in murder plots.
Hi everyone. This is Cherish