Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snippets 85

When L.F asked him what he meant by secrets, Carlos told her that he learnt that she was in prison for several months during his trip to and stay in Baltimore. He also told her that the money that the plaintiff, Vanessa claimed was stolen from her was not even Don's money, but the money he gave to Don to give to her for Pedro's treatment, knowing that she would not collect it from him, if he had given her directly.

Consuelo was angry with Vanessa for telling Carlos Eduardo the truth. Vanessa said it was not her, but Rigo who went to Carlos house and told him all the story to fill the gap of his absence from Mexico. Consuelo went to meet Rigo and lambasted her for being a 'big mouth' who told Carlos Eduardo everything that happened in his absence. She threatened her that if she (Rigo) should open her mouth and tell Don all she knew about Luicito and Amelia, she (Consuela) would commit suicide.

Jenny came home to accuse Marissa of fraternizing with her enemies- Pedro and L.F. Marissa said she only went to apologize to Pedro for the bad reception given him by Carlos the previous day. She however told her that she saw the son of L.F and that she was absolutely sure that the boy, Pedrito, was Carlos son, because he was the exact replica of Carlos Eduardo. Jenny became real scared with this news, she pleaded with Marissa not to tell Carlos until after he had married her, and that Marissa should do everything possible to speed up the wedding day to a matter of days! Marissa assured her that she would help her.

Caesar was reluctant to go for the infertility tests. As Clarita urged him to, Jenny entered and challenged Clarita for supporting L.F against her. Caesar defended his wife by telling Jenny the truth, that Carlos Eduardo does not love her, and would always be loving Luisa Fernanda. When Carlos returned she reported Caesar and Clarita to him. Carlos assured her that he would talk to them to change their hostile attitude towards her. When Carlos met Caesar, and demanded why they were hostile to Jenny, Caesar opened his mouth wide and told Carlos that, L.F and Alfredo have never married nor lived as husband and wife. Carlos was shocked by this discovery.

Ordonez told L.A not to bother himself, that it was his duty to conduct an orientation for the new President, Carlos Eduardo. L.A was not happy with this turn of events. When Alfredo learnt that Carlos came to visit L.F he went to warn him never to come around L.F again because L.F despises him. Carlos was angry, he landed a heavy blow on Alfredo's face. Alfredo got his lawyer friend to sue Carlos for assault.

Alfredo came back home to quarrel with L.F for even talking to Carlos. L.F was angry and challenged him for doubting her integrity. Pedro supported Alfredo against L.F saying she should never have entertained Carlos when he came visiting. Alfredo broke relationship with L.F. She went to her room to weep, saying she was making sacrifice by wanting to marry a man she did not love. Pedro encouraged Alfredo never to give up this time, that he should fight to keep his wife-to-be, from that 'predator' (meaning Carlos). Alfredo later came back next day to apologize to her for doubting her, and they reconciled.

The rivalry between Lucero and Carol got to fever pitch when carol ordered that Lucero should be shoved out of the gym of Jenny's beauty Academy to put herself in shape. Lucero went to report the disgraceful conduct of Carol to Armando. L.A came looking for Jenny at the Academy but was told by Xochil (Alfredo's maid) that Jenny was not around. L.A was enraptured by Xochil's beauty, he toasted her and invited her to a dinner date. he felt it was time he replaces Andreina who had disappeared into thin air. Xochil accepted is dinner invitation. Joaquina warned Pedro to tell the truth of Pedrito Paternity to Marissa and Carlos.


Anonymous said...

thanx phil for the updates, if you can kindly send me one where jenny and carlos are about to get married and luisa appears, shortly after that the police comes to arrest carlos for attempted murder.

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you Phil for these wonderful snippets which satisfy my curiousity no end. I wonder if it is possible to send me the "grande finale" because the suspense is becoming too much for an old man like me. I stumbled on that grande finale on the internet, but it is in whatever language they speak in Mexico. All I can gather was like LA ended in prison and Jenny de la "Schemer" in a depression home. I'm not clear about whether Carlos marries LF afterall. If I know this grande finale, I would be able to appreciate the crafting of this story in a relaxed mood as the events that lead to that final engold.

Philomena Ojikutu said...

you are almost there, at least 50%

Yes they got married.

Marissa also got married to and went to live with Pedro.

Don Fernando gave all his fortunes to L.F, even though, he was still alive.

L.F shared her fortune with old Rigo and Vanessa.

Consuela committed suicide, Heriberto died of cancer.

Yes jenny ended up in an asylum.

Alfredo ended up marrying his house maid.

yes, L.A and Armando were jailed for ten years... Leopoldo finished them during the trial with facts and evidences of their evil deeds.

what again?... i think that was the grand finale...

keep gardening...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil for posting the snips to me. I appreciate it very much. It keeps me updated and satisfies my curiosity.

Anonymous said...

thank's phil 4r the wanderful updates,God bless u, the sky is ur starting point,pls can u kindly send me snippets,what will happen to (LA)and jenefer.