Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets 87

Consuela was paranoid with the threat of Carlos Eduardo to publicly expose her for being the fraudulent Mastermind behind the incarceration of L.F. She quickly ran with a heavy sum of money to L.F's house to compensate her for the damages her actions have caused to the image and reputation of L.F. Luisa Fernanda, the noble and priceless princess, destined to fulfill destiny rejected the mess of pottage offered by Consuela. She told Consuela that no amount of money can cleanse the immorality of Consuela's damaging actions.

As L.A fell to the assassins bullets, he was rushed in an emergency in his critical conditions to the hospital. While Marissa was confiding in Pedro to advise her on what to do with the relentless battles between her son, Carlos and her husband and Carlos step-father and also the nightmare which the feud had caused her. Jennifer called her to tell her that L.A has been felled by assassins bullets and they have rushed him to the hospital. Pedro had to help the still limping Marissa back into the car to take her back home.

At that moment, L.F came to Carlos with intention to tell him the truth about her imprisonment by the wicked schemes of Consuelo. Jenny entered and was destabilized and fearful to see L.F in the garden with Carlos. She quickly went to Carlos side, calling him 'hubby' to spite L.F, so that L.F can think that they were already married.

When Armando heard about the attempted assassination of L.A, he jumped into conclusion that it was Carlos who masterminded it. He publicly accused Carlos of sponsoring the assassination and went to bring policemen to arrest him. Mujica, the Bank's lawyer, legally prevented Carlos from being arrested because, he said the policemen had no warrant of arrest.

Marissa was so distressed, that she believed the accusation of Armando. This was because she had just witnessed the previous day when Carlos threatened L.A with death.

Vanessa felt so humiliated by her father's action and attitude towards her fiance. She walked out of the house in anger. She went to L.F's house to share her tale of woes, L.F had compassion on her and forgave and reconciled with her. She offered her space to come and live with her. Pedro and Joaquina were furious with L.F for bringing the 'devil's daughter' to live in the house. They reminded her that While she was in prison, Vanessa refused, despite their many pleadings to withdraw the charges she filed in court against L.F.

L.F defended Vanessa against eviction attempts by Pedro, she told them that it was Consuela, the 'saint' who masterminded the imprisonment and was the one winding the Vanessa to press the charges.

By evening when Vanessa had not returned Heriberto was worried and asked Consuela to escort him to L.F's house since he suspected that would be where Vanessa must have gone to hibernate.

At the emergency ward in the hospital, L.A had lost much blood, and was struggling between life and death, Armando arrived and to the surprise of everyone present, including Marissa, he accepted to donate blood for transfusion to L.A because it matched. He also publicly acknowledged L.A as his father. This sent confusion and astonishment to all who were there. Jenny called Armando aside, and told him to stop accusing Carlos of this attempted asassination, but he refused.

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