Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets 89

Ordonez overheard Jennifer when she was pleading with Marissa not to disclose to Carlos that Pedrito was his son until after she had married him in few days time.

Alfredo discovered that L.F visited Carlos when he was detained for one day, as suspect in the assassination saga of L.A. He was so angry that, he confronted her for lying to him, in order to visit Carlos Eduardo in prison. She apologized but insisted that the visit was just showing pity and had nothing to do with emotional attachment to Carlos. She assured Alfredo that she would marry him and love him very much. He did not believe her empty promises, now he knew that her heart has been revived with renewed love for Carlos Eduardo.

Pedro invited Lupe to escort him and L.F to a bridal shop to purchase a wedding gown for L.F. Lupe declined because, words might reach Carlos, who is her boss, that she was part of the conspirators against his love for Luisa Fernanda.

Jennifer attempted to blackmail Armando for not withdrawing his accusation against Carlos as being the sponsor of the attempted assassination of L.A. She threatend to throw Armando and Carol out on the streets, from her apartment, where they now live as love concubines. Armando was adamant, he wouldn't trade his father's life for Jenny's roof and Carol's infatuation.

As L.A recovers from the 'gate of death', he called Solozarno to bear false witness against Carlos Eduardo. He told him to claim that he saw Carlos when he raised his gun and shot him. He also thanked Armando for donating blood for transfusion to save him from death. He confessed to Armando that he was his biological father. He apologized to him for denying his paternity over him when they met. He promised to arrange to change his name from Armando Perreira to Armando Montero as soon as he recovered from his wound.

Caesar came to warn L.F that Marissa and Ordonez already know that Carlos is the father of Pedrito. She became very afraid of the consequences, so, she ran to Lupe, begging her to intercede for her by pleading with Ordonez not to tell Carlos that Pedrito was his son. She was afraid that such disclosure might abort her wedding plans and bring much sorrow to Alfredo whom she owed her freedom from gaol to, for standing by her with legal defense, while she was in prison.

The trial judge interrogated Carlos and discovered that there was no proven evidence to convict him, for the attempted assassination of L.A, despite the contrary solo testimony of Solozarno that, Carlos was the mastermind of the crime. Carlos was pissed off by the false witness of Solozarno against him. The judge set Carlos free, pending further investigations into the case. L.A was so angry when he heard the news that Carlos was set free by the court. Carlos went straight to the hospital to confront L.A, asking him how much he paid to Solozarno to bear false witness against him.

Don Fernando paid Carlos a visit at the hospital as he recuperates. Marissa went to visit Pedro to challenge him that she already knew that Pedrito was her grandson by Carlos.

Daniel threatened to file a lawsuit against Heriberto, for disallowing him from visiting his fiance Vanessa. He accused him of kidnapping his fiancee, and preventing him from seeing her.

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