Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets 86

Caesar felt so guilty for telling Carlos the truth about L.F' marital status. He therefore went to confess to L.F, to clear his conscience, what he told Carlos. L.F became agitated because, she suspected that the information is capable of propelling Carlos to begin fresh moves to seeking to marry her. Caesar warned her to also go and confess the truth to Carlos, because he would inevitably find out the truth. L.F was touched by this noble advise from Caesar.

L.A spoke with Carlos that Marissa wanted him to be his special adviser, Carlos disagreed with him, because he reasoned that he cannot share his presidency with a scumbag like him. He did not trust him. He accused him of capable of sending hired killers after him, so that he would take over his inheritance from him. Carlos assured him that before L.A kills him, he would have killed L.A too. Jenny and Marissa were shocked by the daring accusation of assassination that Carlos made against L.A.

Marissa tried to calm him down, but he snubbed his mother and accused her of collaborating with a criminal to dupe him of his inheritance. He stormed out of the house and went to meet Lic Ordonez at a bar, where he poured out his bitterness at the plot of L.A to disinherit him and the cowardice and complicity of his mom. He said in frustration that, if L.A dares to play games with his life, like he did with his mom, he would kill him. Armando was incidentally by the opposite table near them, and heard all the threats of Carlos.

After he left, L.A persuaded Marissa to counsel Carlos to accept him as his special adviser, and for cohabitational arrangement in the bank's Presidency.

Ordonez began to gather and prepare evidence of profligacy and prodigality against L.A. during his two year reign as the bank's president in Marissa's absence. He instructed another lawyer to make documentary photocopies of fraudulent transaction deals of L.A.

Carlos went to visit Don and took effective care to treat him, not just as his patient, as before, but this time, like as if, Don were his father. When he came downstairs, he saw Consuelo and accused her of being the mastermind behind the incarceration of his former girlfriend, Luisa Fernanda. He threatend her to go and pay L.F compensation for the damages done to the image of L.F during the trial, otherwise he would not hesitate to expose her before the public.

After her regular Physiotherapeutic exercise, Marissa felt much better with her muscular movements, so, she decided to pay a surprise visit to Pedro at his floral shop. She told him that what brought her was a sensitive matter.

Having refused to grant the desire of Vanessa and her fiance for money to rent apartment. The two lovers found themselves on Heriberto's bed, and did there 'thing' right there on his bed. They were however unlucky as he arrived at the peak of their romance and was mad to see both naked on his bed. He was so furious that he slapped Daniel for 'abusing' his daughter in her own house.

L.A is now having Xochil as his regular date and replacement for Andreina. As he arrived at the bank in company of his right-hand man, Mr. "Fix it" Solozarno. two gunmen waiting for his arrival saw him and sprayed him with bullets, and ran away on motorbike for escape.

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