Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets 88

L.F was really traumatized to hear Carlos Eduardo being accused of attempted assassination of L.A. The police came back with arrest warrant, arrested Carlos and made him incommunicado with anybody. The event caused a big scandal and big ripple in the city of Mexico.

Alfredo was also furious that L.F admitted Vanessa to come and live with her. He reminded her that the bulk money that Do paid her as advanced salary was what Vanessa used as in her witness's evidence against her that she, L.F stole her (Vanessa's), money.

Armando faced a surprised Marissa and swore to her that L.A was his father, based on the facts he had gathered from his mother from Vera Cruz.

Don Fernando stumbled on his fabricated Will, falsified by Consuela, which ceded all his fortunes to Consuelo.

Lawyer Mujica was unable to bail Carlos, he had to spend the night in the police cell. Next day as he arranged to go to the police station to bail Carlos. Jennifer arrived and went wild, when she discovered that L.F wanted to follow him to visit Carlos at the station, saying L.F cannot visit her 'husband' because she had no business visiting him in custody, because she is not his wife or fiancee.

The hired assassins went to Leopoldo's house to collect the payment for their work, as assigned by him against L.A.

once beaten, twice shy, daniel now crings from the idea of living together with Vanessa without her father's approval and sponsorship. he told Vanessa of his new resolution. Heriberto along with Consuelo, arrived at L.F's house, to plead with Vanessa to come back home with him.

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