Thursday, November 30, 2006

Episode 68: Banished For Love!

We have just entered the most dramatic phase of la hija del Jardinero. A phase of complicated irony. Few minutes after Luisa Fernanda swore to Sister Joaquina that she doesn't care about whoever her biological Dad is, because Pedro was the most wonderful and affectionate father in the world, this same Pedro, turned his back on Luisa Fernanda, and asked her to do him a great favour. Wonder what came out of this 'affectionate' father's mouth? "... I never want to see you again!"

I insist that Pedro is not mad. He is suffering from what I call an obsession, a loser's mentality that conditioned him to see his angelic daughter as abandoning him into his life-long defeats, as soon as she knows either L.A as her biological father or Don Fernando as her maternal grandfather. Amelia partly contributed to his loser's delusion. He was battered with words of failure throughout his 18 years "stolen marriage" by Amelia.

The only man who can help him out of that situation, the man who has a tonnage of information to transform his depressed state is emotionally compromised. Alfredo collects all the jigsaw pieces that have shattered Pedro. He assembled them together, not so much to put 'Humpty' Pedro together again, but to use as a weapon for rivalry advantage over lover boy, Carlos Eduardo.

Tonite might not be my time of critical appraisal of the drama and the dramatis personae in this telenovela, but this complexities drew my ire against injustice and stirred my passion for righteousness. I said 'stolen' because the circumstances that made Amelia to follow Pedro to the registry, to sign the dotted lines was never that of mutual consent or of mutual love. Very wrong for Pedro to turn afterwards and call Amelia his 'wife' for 18 years, when she never accepted him as husband. To visit the 'sins' of a late mother on an innocent and ignorant daughter is bad indeed.

Pedro's fears were unfounded, but who would 'unwind' him? I leave that to you.

That Girl Is Not Good Enough For Your Class!
Marissa continues in her gullible ride into deception by lashing out at her son, Carlos Eduardo, with the manipulative and wicked whips of his mortal enemies- Jenny and L.A. She told him that Luisa Fernanda has no class and would not befit his status as the future President of the Metropolitan Bank conglomerates. She lectured him on his need to marry an educated graduate with a social class befitting his future assignment. She also told him that whether he likes it or not, she would bring Luis Alejandro back as her husband into the house again.

L.A assured Andreina, who was already alarmed by the murder plot for Marissa, that As a widower, after Marissa's death, he would inherit a great fortune to be in a position to marry her and give her the best of things. Andreina began to gradually understand the mess she found herself in, that she had loved a cold-hearted and murderous monster all these years.

Alfredo positioned himself at his door, and when L.F came home, he called her and asked her why she was sad, wanting to know if his greatest wish had come to pass. He asked her if Carlos had fought her again. She said on the contrary, their love waxes stronger, but a lot of people are bothered by her recent happiness. She told him how Vanessa told her that she would never forgive nor reconcile with her. He followed her into her lonely house and sat down to drink coffee. It took the appearance of Carlos at the door to bring Alfredo back to his senses, he peacefully slid out to give the cupid couple some privacy.

Carlos broke the first vow of their reconciliation, by hiding the fact of the bitter battle he just fought with Marissa over L.F. When L.F asked him if his mother loved her, he lied to her that his mother loves her and approve of their love and reconciliation. Anytime you lie in love, you unconsciously dig a pit that would later endanger that love with unprepared burial. He gave her a gift of his mobile handset. He also insisted that she should never allow or entertain Alfredo in her house.

Consuelo is voraciously gathering data to launch her next evil scheme. She sat her father, Don, down to know the condition and state of Marissa's health. She also eavesdropped on Vanessa and L.F to ascertain the degree of conviction of Vanessa to fall in line with her evil plot to destroy L.F. Later, in the night, this evil mastermind sat Vanessa down to tutor her on how to jointly carry out their diabolical attack of vengeance against L.F.

The Allies Meeting
L.A phoned Jenny and asked her to meet him at an obscure restaurant. When she came, he fed her with stick-meat (I am surprised that these duo have not been going to bed together, they are a perfect match: comrades-in-wickedness), and also alerted her to cover for him, should in case, Armando came to ask her if she was truly the one who commissioned an investigation into his life, she should say yes. Jenny also demanded that L.A should make haste and get L.F imprisoned as he had promised her. He assured her that he was working that out soon.

After L.A left, Alfredo, who was also in the bar, saw her and invited her to dine with him. Jenny renewed her offer of partnership with him to split Carlos and L.F. She asked him if he was ready to fight for Luisa Fernanda's love? He politely declined, saying he didn't want to hurt L.F because she is currently happy with Carlos.

Believe This Lie; You'll Believe Anything!
L.A visited his victim again, (sorry, I don't want to call Marissa his wife again. His decision to murder her has nullified her as his wife, but now, his foolish victim). When she asked him why he abruptly left the previous day, he lied, saying he saw Carlos' girlfriend in the garden and decided to throw out the 'swindler' out of the house, but the 'little thief' claimed that her boyfriend is the owner of the house and he cannot send her out. He continued his manipulated lies by saying, that Carlos humiliated him and threw him out in the presence of all the servants. He said since he doesn't want a fight, he left peacefully.

Though this schemer had begun by saying that he did not want to give her any bad news that would upset her, he succeeded in rubbing in the distorted and manipulative story into Marissa's subconsciousness. She was boiling with anger by the time he completed that dirty assignment. He had succeeded in seting a solid stage to disinherit Carlos Eduardo.


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