Saturday, December 30, 2006

Esmeralda 23: Reprisals

As the battle line became sharpened, Rodolfo became desperate and paid a surprised visit to Lucio, and both men conspired together to separate José Armando from Esmeralda. Lucio told Rodolfo that Dominga was the gold-digger that was inspiring Esmeralda to go after his son, José Armando. He enthusiastically advised Rodolfo to take a retaliatory action against Dominga, if he truly wants to separate the two lovers.

José Armando confronted Fátima, telling her that the 'arrangee' marriage of convenience which she was scheming to spring on him and Graciela would not work. Crisanta met Esmeralda and reassured her that she was in full surpport of the love affair between her and José Armando. Ironically, Fátima too was reassuring Graciela that outside of her marriage to Armando is economic misery, and she should therefore continue to lure Armando to love and marry her.

Ofelio, who exposed Graciela and Adrian to Fátima has gotten another evil assignment, but this time, from Rodolfo. He was commissioned by Rodolfo to go and demolish the hut of Dominga and make her homeless, so that the midwife can migrate out of the village to another village.

As ofelio started his evil mission, he met a surprising and fiery resistance from Dominga. She fought back like a mad lion to defend her property and hut from the sponsored demolition exercise. In the process, Ofelio reacted violently by throwing Dominga against a rock and she fainted..

Specialist Doctor Lazcano cannot help but be secretly dazzled by the natural beauty of Esmeralda. Graciela became wearied of being used as a tool in her mother's handsays that better they return to the city.

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