Saturday, December 30, 2006

Esmeralda 27: Bring Home the Beauty

As part of the reconciliation terms with Rodolfo, José Armando brought Esmeralda who was anxious and afraid, to Casa Grande. Rodolfo and Fátima were stunned by the ravishing beauty of the blind girl, Esmeralda. They were speechless. Blanca also received her with tenderness and affection.

By now, it was clear to Esmeralda that Adrián and Graciela are deeply in love. Meanwhile, Fátima rebuked Graciela for making attempts to reveal to Rodolfo of her new fondness for Adrián. She warned her not to play the fool. Fátima was disappointed that her plans were falling apart with the arrival and acceptance of Esmeralda in Casa Grande.

The parental and love coast seem clear for José Armando, so, he proposed marriage to Esmeralda. Rodolfo pretended to play along with him and he advised him to enroll Esmeralda in a scholl to acquire formal education.

Adrián was almost at the precipice of mental breakdown, because of Fatima's banning him from seeing Graciela again. Florecita was worried by the anxious state Adrián.

Lucio too was overwhelmed with sadness because of the growing and seemingly irreversible love between Esmeralda and José Armando.

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