Saturday, December 30, 2006

Esmeralda 26: The back off

Crisanta found José Armando the next day at Dominga's hut. She was surprised to find Dominga seriously ill as a result of Ofelia's assault allegedly commissioned by Rodolfo. She pleaded with Dominga to keep calm while she investigate the assault and also with José Armando to follow her back home.

Crisanta confronted Rodolfo, asking him to confirm if he was the one that orchestrated the deadly assault on Dominga. José Armando too launched inquiry asking from Dionisio, the foreman, if he had any information linking his Dad with the attempted murder of Dominga.

Fátima warned Adrián never to come near her daughter, Graciela, again, threatening that she would report his amorous ambition towards her daughter to Rodolfo, if he dared to disregard her warnings.The consequence of which would be that Rodolfo would sent him packing from the Casa Grande.

Blanca was happy but surprised by the new attitude of Crisanta who went to bring her son, José Armando, back home and mediating to bring peace and harmony to the family, particularly when it seems to be pointed in favor of Graciela, whom she was not favorably disposed to, in the recent past. She did not know that Graciela had confessed Adrián as her love, and reconciled with Crisanta.

Graciela decided to tell the truth of her romance to Rodolfo, who had been fighting on her behalf that his son, may marry her. Just before she opened her mouth, Fátima came and interrupted her and blocked off any further attempt by Gracielza to tell Rodolfo the truth.

Florecita was confused when Dominga out of desperation in her illness made weak but unsuccessful efforts to reveal to Esmeralda that Rodolfo was her biological father. Her stammering and shaky voice could not be comprehended, both by Esmeralda and Florecita.

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