Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Snippets 116

Luisa Fernanda rose up in rebellion against Joaquina and Pedro, for deceiving her over the years about the identity of her true father, which they hid from her. She accused and lambasted both of them for toying with her life with deceit. Pedro wept by admitting his fault for hiding the truth of her paternity from her for so long, and asked for her forgiveness, so was Sister Joaquina.

He told L.F how L.A and Amelia began and how he rejected Amelia after knowing that he had impregnated her. With the coast over her paternity cleared, she stood up firmly and declared that she would never accept L.A as her father, and would always consider Pedro as her rteal father.

Selfish Pedro went to Carlos to seek his acceptance for his intention to marry his mom, Marissa. Carlos had a good heart, forgiving and and not retaliatory, he listened to and accepted Pedro into the family.

When the divorce was concluded, L.A threw another stone of confusion into the arena, claiming he would not willingly sign the divorce papers because he had caught his wife, 'adulterous' wife Marissa, cheating on him with another man called Pedro.

Consuela's room of maneuver is rapidly shrinking with the daily truth being revealed. She confirmed to Rigo that L.A had confessed to L.F that he was her father.

Armando came to seek the help of Vanessa to connect him with his half sister, L.F. Vanessa organized a meeting between the two.

L.F went to visit Alfredo, and he was angry and jealous that she had not come to see him for quite some time now. He asked her if it was Carlos that was responsible. She denied it and told him that she had been battling to reject her biological father who had been pursuing her for many days, begging to be accepted as her father.

Alfredo nodded and mentioned Luis Alejandro's name. L.F was shocked that even the psychiatrist Alfredo too knew her paternity secrets and hid it from her. He apologized to her for being silent on that. She was angry with him and told him that he cannot be trusted and what he did is unpardonable!


chilu said...

The soap has now reached peak fever and looking forward to when LF will come face to face with Don and evil Consuelo!!! I will keep on gardening....

doreen said...

i hope that carlos eduardo marries LF but i hope she (LF) wont be hurt by the excruisiating jealousy of jennifer.

And that Consuelo should just forget about her fathers fortune, ( i never miss an episode of the soap everyday of the week)

slmnyakubu2007 said...

Luisa Fernanda should not worry about Jenifer since Carlos Eduardo is not getting marry to her.

Anonymous said...

i wish that our producers will think it wise to invite Louisa Alahandro to Nigeria. Please how do i send my kudos to the Producer and all the actors in the opera? I LOVE THEM ALL!.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Edouardo is my kind of guy and Louisa Fernada has such a good heart... I believe they will triumph in the end... Happy Valentines day all..