Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Snippets 119

L.A meant business, he has embarked on an orchestrated smear campaign of blackmail and calumny against Marissa. When Pedro came to beg him to desist, he told him that he won't stop until Marissa is completely disgraced publicly or Pedro drops his ambition to marry her. Pedro was so soft, he doesn't want any harm to come to Marissa, so he broke off his relationship with her because of L.A's blackmail.

Just as Consuelo opened her mouth to reveal the blood ties between L.F and her, an emergency call interrupted her, telling her that her husband had slumped and has been rushed to the hospital. Immediately she and L.F rushed to the hospital to see Heriberto. They met Don there. Don invited L.F to a chat and over a cup of coffee, he strongly insisted that she must not marry Alfredo but tie the nuptial knots with Carlos.

After Carlos had examined and revived Heriberto, he found that he had brain tumor and may not live longer.

Caesar considered the offer of a better and dignified job by his Dad.

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Anonymous said...

For me the soap is getting worse. Why does everytime that something exited is going to happen something tragic have to come up. The wedding of L.F was cancelled b'cos Alf was hit with a car, now L.F won't know yet if that evil woman is her aunt b'cos of Heriberto.