Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Snippets 120

It was the season of blackmails, as L.A attacked Marissa at a press conference, where he questioned her moral standing as an 'adulterer' to lead a bank, so was Alfredo also blackmailing L.F that she must compulsorily escort him to La Paz, for the physio-therapeutic rehabilitation of his limbs. L.F was initially reluctant to follow him, but he compromised her by demanding of her to stand by her vows to stay by him through thick and thin. Alfredo was mortally afraid that before he comes back from La Paz in few months time, Carlos may have hijacked and marry L.F.

The evil workers began to change and switch sides as the shifting sands of their hope began to sink. Carolina advised her boyfriend, Armando to get closer to L.F and be more friendly with her. She told him to do this discretely without the knowledge of Jennifer who hates L.F. [This is the same girl who taunted and mocked L.F as a poor gardener's daughter in the past].

Carlos noticed that Don has a partially paralyzed hand too, and he recommended for him to travel to La Paz for physio too. The old man agreed and told him to go ahead with the arrangements. L.F came to announce to Carlos that she had to escort Alfredo to La Paz for his medical treatment there. Carlos was saddened, much as he tried, he could not stop L.F from following her fiance to La Paz.

Consuelo swung ferociously against Virginia, her husband's mistress and secretary when she came to visit Heriberto at the hospital. She really embarrassed her. It was pay-back time, since Roberto Sotomayor was in no condition to defend his mistress now.

Rigoberto suspected that Consuelo had not fully confessed to Don, because, Don has not begun to see L.F as Amelia's daughter or his granddaughter. So, she called L.F aside, to fill the missing 'wicked' gaps for her, ... just as she was about to open her mouth, to reveal her biological ties to Don Fernando, through Amelia, Vanessa arrived at the hospital, and interrupted them.

She asked if it was true that her dad was on admission. Consuelo took over by gleefully telling her that, her dad had brain cancer, and would soon die as revealed by the doctors. When Vanessa requested that Consuelo should arrange for her father to be treated abroad, her pleadings fell on deaf ears.

Heriberto called and begged Don Fernando to take good care of his daughter. This was the last wish of a dying man. It was so emotional and pitiful

Ordonez advised Marissa not to swallow L.A's bait by personalizing her response to L.A's public attack. He told her that The bank and Board of directors would defend her legally and publicly against L.A.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Phil, for the snippets. You are an A student all round. Come to think about it, the writer of this story (is he a Mexican?) can weave a story!

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Mariela Romero is a "She", just like me. Many of her works has found there way into soap operas.

She is Mexican and acommendable writer. I did a REVIEW On this Blog on her in August, this year, 2006.

Anonymous said...

Hello Phil, you are one in a million. I thought Consuelo was really saddened for once in her life hearing about her husbands brain tumour until Virginia came to the hospital. i've also been thinking that Consuelo probably didnt have a child cos she doesnt want anyone fighting for her dad's inheritance with her.
Continue the great work.

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Wow, what a deep thinker that you are.

I can't fault your ingenious thought-line. Vanessa used to called her a frigid woman who cannot bear children.

She would soon prove Vanessa wrong by falling in love with Ruben, Lupe's former husband. She got into high-octane romance with him, that makes Andreina and Jennifer's put together, as child's play.

Anonymous said...

soon the the truth will be reviewed. The is a saying that said every 4 thief oneday 4 d owner.
Chuks Offor