Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snippets 135

Everyone remaining in La Paz (Alfredo and Jennifer), changed their mind, because Carlos and L.F have returned to Mexico, they too returned to Mexico. while in the taxi that brought him back to the city, Alfredo caught a glimpse of L.F and Carlos with Pedrito in the love garden. He became agitated and told the driver to stop, so that he could go and confront them. Xochil told the driver to continue, telling Alfredo not to caused an embarrassment for himself.

Rubén was quite happy with the decision of Caesar to accept his offer to work with him. He proudly presented Caesar to L.A as his son. L.A was surprised, remembering how he maltreated Caesar and sacked him while Marissa was in coma in Baltimore. When Caesar got back home, he told his wife, Clarita that L.A was now an employee of his father, working as his legal adviser.

The love garden brought back the reminiscence of their courtship days for Carlos and L.F. Carlos warned her to spent more time taking care of her son than taking care of Alfredo. He told her that she should not be careless with the health of Pedrito again.

L.A offered Armando another opportunity to work as his personal and legal assistant in his new office. He also told him that he was giving him the job because he knew Armando has a good relationship with his half sister L.F. He instructed him to use that relationship to convince L.F to accept him as her father, because he has turned a new leaf and now repentant. Armando promised to do his best.

Consuelo came to apologize to Rubén for the embarrassment caused him when Don pulled him by the shirt and chased him out of his house. Rubén assured her that he would rent a cosy apartment in the city, where they can meet regularly for their amorous relationship, without distraction by anybody.

Ordo'ñez and Lupe were dumbfounded, when Marissa questioned them about L.A's unknown daughter. Pedro too was so uncomfortable that he had to open his mouth to confess L.F as L.A's daughter. Just before he could do that, Lupe and Ordo'ñez interrupted him by announcing there wedding ceremony would take place the next day. That took the wind off the sail of Pedro's attempted confession to Marissa.

Vanessa sat Don down and Rigoberto as she told them how Consuelo fired her fiancee from the steel company in the absence of Don. I strongly suspected that Vanessa is holding back from full disclosure to Don about Amelia and Luisa Fernanda. Why she does that, I do not know, but I think it is very unprofitable and selfish of her to withhold the information from Don.

After Vanessa left, Consuelo came in and Don instructed her to reinstate Vanessa's fiance whom she had sacked in his absence. Don faced Rigo and asked her if she knew anything about the so-called daughter of his that, Heriberto claimed was dead and, also his granddaughter that was alive. Consuelo melted on one spot, at the hearing of Don's inquiry. Rigo said Yes, she knew all about Don's granddaughter.

Jenny came to visit Carlos and accused him of ignoring her message which she left for him in la Paz. Carlos told her that he saw it and responded by coming to her hotel, but did not want to disturb her when he saw her kissing a man, so he turned back. She was stupefied but rationalized her romantic escapade with Guillermo.

Alfredo also came to visit L.F later in the evening and to stylishly ask her what she was doing in the love garden in the morning. L.F was furious with his underhand method and she warned him not to spy on her life again. She told him that she is tired of his blackmail games.

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