Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snippets 153

Pedro, was yet to recover from the tauting and insult of Jenny, so he prevented Carlos from going to bring drunken L.F back from Alfredo's house. Carlos was furious and declared that he would cancel his marriage plans with L.F if she should sleep in Alfredo's house tonight.

Alfredo tried to convince L.F that there was nothing serious going on between him and Xochil and that it was she, that he still loves. He even lied that it was mere "master-servant" relationship that was between them. Xochil was very angry with Alfredo when she discovered that he contradicted her by lying again to L.F that there was nothing between them.

The next day when L.F got home, she was ashamed to face Pedro. So, Pedro approached her to tell her that he saw Jenny embracing and kissing Carlos in Marissa's house. This news threw L.F into another jealous rage. Pedro pleaded with L.F to let him accompany her to Don Fernando's house. L.F seek to meet with and insult Consuelo for all her cruelty towards her in the past.

Consuelo phoned to beg Pedro not to expose her before L.F and also before Don. Pedro told her that he is tired of cover ups. Consuelo really became afraid, she desperately sought out L.A and asked him to help her to she wanted to escape the impending shame and disgrace, by traveling out of the country. L.A demanded as payment for her request that she should appoint to act on her behalf, during her absence, as the President of the Iron and steel company.

Guillermo also came to warn Carlos to refuse to give audience to Jenny next time she comes to see him. The judge freed Carlos at the next hearing and L.A was not happy about the court's decision.

Don Fernando waited impatiently for the arrival of his granddaughter- Luisa Fernanda.

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janeid2002 said...

uh i love this part of the snippets as consulo trobles her self in fear and L.A also wants his share.They are two of a kind...