Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snippets 152

Alarm don blow, the final whistle was stridently screaming the end of moral blackmail and deception by hypocritical Alfredo. He stood up and stammered an incoherent excuse and denial of what L.F saw with her koro koro eyes. L.F stormed out of his house. Xochil too, half naked, ran after her, begging for audience to explain what happened and when it began. L.F agreed and they both went to the nearby restaurant to talk.

Meanwhile, Carlos and Pedro were floundering in guilt for not disclosing the L.F-Fernando clue to her since they got to knew about it.

Consuela was in her last feeble dribbles. She made sure she was the first to break the news of discovery of Don's granddaughter. She pretended to be shocked and was as surprised as Don, that Luisito was the lost but found granddaughter! Don Fernando requested Rigo and Consuelo to take him straight away to meet L.F in Pedro's house. When they got there, the whole house was empty, there was nobody at home.

Jenny went to Carlos' house to thank him for saving her job by asking Guillermo not to substitute her for the advertising campaign. Now, because she saw Pedro around, she decided to play one of her old evil tricks by embracing Carlos and saying that she loved him. Pedro was confused by this action and challenged Carlos for allowing himself to be kissed by Jenny when he had just reconciled with L.F. Jenny insulted and denigrated Pedro publicly in the presence of Marissa.

Carlos took Jenny to the lobby and told her for the umpteenth time with a tone of finality, that she should never come to his house to look for him under any pretext again. He told her not to intervene again for ever in his matrimonial plans with L.F. Marissa accused and lambasted jenny for insulting her husband-to-be, Pedro.

Xochil confessed to L.F that she truly loved Alfredo. L.F felt the pain of betrayal. She and Xochil began to take the traditional alcoholic beverage, Tequila, to quench their respective pains. By the time they left the bar both were drunken to a pitiable state of stupor. They both staggered back to Alfredo's apartment. When Carlos became worried and was going to search for L.F in Alfredo's house, Alfredo called Pedro to tell him that L.F was in a bad drunken state and would sleep over at his house. Carlos was furious when he heard this.

L.A commissioned his hatchet man, Solórzano, afresh to cause incalculable injury to Pedro for the heavy beatings he received from Pedro the last time.

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