Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 103

With the exposure of the cunning L.A, Marissa woke up from her day dream. Ordonez rushed to the courtroom to break the bad news of customers running on the bank. Marissa immediately revoked the power of attorney which she gave to L.A to become the Bank's president. She also asked Mujica to resume speedily the divorce suit against L.A.

Cowardly Alfredo was mortally afraid of the new twist, of Carlos' freedom after the adjournment of the court. L.F assured him (Alfredo) that she is eternally indebted to him for helping her to regain her freedom from jail, and therefore, she would not withdraw from the elaborate marriage ceremony she had planned with him. Alfredo was sad, because, from his understanding, what L.F is saying now is that, she would marry him because she was indebted to him for helping her out of jail, and not because she loved him.

After the adjournment, L.A spoke with boldness to Jenny, telling her that if he sinks, she too would sink. He therefore told her to go and convince Marissa that He was innocent, and that Leopoldo's allegation was that of a jealous Andreina lover who chose to spite him. But Jennifer reminded him that Andreina had made the same allegation before she disappeared into thin air.

When L.F got home she gave a lowdown of what happened in court to Pedro. He was agitated, and L.F noticed that her 'father' was in love with Marissa. She smiled when Pedro quickly got prepared to pay Marissa a solidarity visit. She advised him to carry along the most beautiful of red roses from his floral shop to her as a gift, signaling his intention.

When Jenny arrived, Marissa accused her of being an accomplice of L.A, she denied it, expressing her innocence. She even went further, as instructed by L.A, to postulate to Marissa that Leopoldo's allegation were the statement of a drowning man, who would clutch to any straw of vengeance to strike back with a fist of jealousy against a former rival, over Andreina. Marissa seems to be convinced about L.A's innocence as argued by Jenny.

Rosario called her boy, Carlos, and encouraged him never to be shackled with a woman he never loved. She warned him to avoid the emotional ambush that Jenny may be setting for him. He thanked he and strolled out to L.F's house. He declared his unwavering love for her, asking her what is the fate of their love for each other, now that he has been free of all accusations by their common enemy- L.A.

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Muhsin said...

I definitly will be sad if Conseulla succed in her mission. So also I'll be if Marissa was deluded and convinced that LA was innocent and incapable of commiting all he has bitterly done to her and her son Carlos.

Are Pedro and Marissa going to get marriage? If they are, its gonna be a 'nice' couple of two 'wise' creatures. But a chance for the other genuine lovers, thats talking about LF and Carlos to get back together since.....isn't it?

Thanks telenovela for such great and relentless job.