Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 102/103

For L.A, Leopoldo was a lesser enemy, his mortal foe is Carlos Eduardo, so, he insisted that Carlos was the real sponsor of assassination attempt on him. He accused Carlos of having paid Leopoldo to take the rap in his stead, for his own freedom.

Leopoldo gave a graphic detail in his trial before the jury, what led him to assigned assassins to kill L.A. Luis Alenjandro became desperate and began to shout on top of his voice accusing Leopoldo of lying, his lawyer asked for adjournment of the trial but was declined by the judge. The 'punches' of Leopoldo's truth are delivering heavy blows to his L.A's head.

In rounding up his evidence, Leopoldo told the court that the real target of L.A was Marissa. He said L.A planned to kill Marissa so that, as the widower, he would inherit the Metropolitan Bank Conglomerate belonging to Marissa and her son. He related the horrific details told him by Andreina, before she ran away to Los Angeles: how L.A plan to murder son and mother to inherit the their fortune.

There was a run on Metropolitan Bank. Customers were amazed at the gory newspaper stories of fraud, assassinations and emotional scandals, that has begun to rock the bank in the absence of Marissa and the presidency of Luis Alejandro. So, they began to withdrew their funds from the financial powerhouse. Ordonez had to instruct all branches of the Bank to shut down because of the run on the bank.

Jenny was doing anything that would bring Carlos back into her slippery fingers. The classy lady of the universe stoop low, to plead for mercy and pardon by a lowly old maid of the house- Nana Rosario. She begged her to forgive her for threatening to sack her from her 30-year old job of impeccable service to the Gomez Ruiz family. Rosario snubbed Jenny's overtures, because she knew for certainty that this schemer was not sincere in her 'repentance'.

L.F was overjoyed as the jury believed Leopoldo. Marissa broke down in tears, asking Carlos Eduardo to forgive her for not believing him all these years and allowing her feelings to be manipulated by a con man.

L.A pleaded with Marissa not to believe Leopoldo, saying that he lied against him out of jealousy for Andreina's sake. He desperately made overtures to buy off Leopoldo to change his statement, but Leo rebuffed him.

As the crowd milled around congratulating Carlos, he asked to be excused so that he can speak alone with L.F who was by his side.

The stepfather of Salvador came to the floral shop of Pedro to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. He told Pedro to locate the boy and keep him, on the condition that he pays him a big sum of money in return.

Heriberto had never liked Orlando, because of his low class, he returned from the office to find him kissing Vanessa his daughter. He almost hit him with a rod of iron.

Salvador, later phoned Pedro in the night, to assure him that he is fine with Teresita, his kid-lover, whose parents were already afraid of their missing daughter; and that he should not worry for him, before Pedro could say anything, he (Salvador) hung up.


Muhsin said...

I hope this would be the end of Marissa and L.A's 'marriage' journey. And also, I hope Nana Ross. isn't gonna believe Jenny's repentence.

Anonymous said...

I hope luisa fernanda and carlos edwardo will get back together again.