Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 108

It's pay-back time! Marissa rebuffed L.A and justified why she had to kiss Pedro. She made him realize that her divorce from him is on-going, so he has no moral right to question her love life.

Ordo'├▒ez gave a good monetary tip to Consuelo's lawyer to reveal the identity of his principal. He accepted it and told him that it was Consuelo Alcantara.

Pedro, in a more relaxed and happy mood now, because Marissa has accepted his love, wanted to let go L.F by telling her who her biological father was. At that moment, Mujica walked in to break the good news, that the Property has been repurchased, though, at a very exorbitant cost. Pedro changed his mind about telling L.F who her real father was.

L.A, seeing the desperate efforts of Armando to unravel who his half sister was, told him that his half sister was Luisa Fernanda.

Don Fernando, on admission at the hospital remained in a state of coma. Carlos announced to Jenny that L.F would be marrying Alfredo at a ceremony tomorrow. Jenny was excited with the news, because that would leave the field clear for only her to win Carlos Eduardo back to loving and marrying her.

Information got to Carlos that it was Consuelo who was behind the purchase and re-selling of Pedro's mortgage debt.He went straight to her house to confront her. Consuelo lied, with crocodile tears that she did not know anything about it. she even said it must have been some fellows who hated her and wanted to harm her that were behind the rumour. Carlos did not believe her. Rigoberto was furious and knew Consuelo was lying. She drew near and walloped her with a heavy handed slap on her face, warning her that she would not tolerate her to do any more harm to her niece, Luisa Fernanda. Rigo tried to explain to Carlos that L.F was Don's granddaughter. He did not understand, thinking that it was like the platonic relationship of a father-son relationship between Don and him too that Rigo meant.

L.F invited Marissa (who came to visit Pedro at home), to her wedding with Alfredo, which takes place tomorrow. Marissa accepted to come as Pedro's guest. Alfredo was still insecured, so he asked L.F who was the person who paid for the mortgage debt. He was suspicious that if it was Carlos, then he may have a hidden agenda for him. L.F told him that it was Mrs. Marissa.

Vanessa told her fiance that she could no longer live with her dad and step mom, because they are evil workers.


Amina said...

Mrs. Philomena is an excellent narrator and it seems this telenovela will soon come to an end

Russell O' Russell said...

Mrs. Philomena had done a great job bringing this programme to light for students like us who aint gat tv sets in their hostels..
thnx..i appreciate....