Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fighting the 'Queen' ...

Tonight's chapter of the Gardener's daughter (la hija del Jardinero), was a hilarious spectacle, as we watched the epic battle between Victor and Jennifer de la Vega, whom he 'crowned' as the 'Queen of all b*tches'. If I am appointed a judge of that epic contest, I would award a draw, as, there was no victor, no vanquished.

You may not agree with me because of your perfect hatred for Jenny's schemes and styles. Victor had always been waiting for this kind of encounter with Jenny, and when it came, he grabbed the first stone and threw it at her, forgetting that he too lived in a queer 'glass house'. Jenny's reply was devastating as it shattered the homosexual glass house of Victor. It was a reminder of Peter Tosh's Reggae song about those who live in a glass house " ... don't throw stooones".

The 'queen' Jennifer did not leave without multiple wounds and bruises to lick too. Victor thoroughly stripped her naked of her vain ego and pride. If Marissa and Carlos had stopped pampering Jenny, and had been stripping her of all her pretenses, since they discovered that she was double-faced, the disaster that she caused them, would have been minimal in this telenovela.

If Jennifer was a 'queen of b*tches', I am at a lost on, what to call Consuelo. 'Queen of w*tches'? Please, help me out. The bitter rage of Consuela could not be measured by any instrument, as she poured invectives on Virginia. She accused Virginia of 'crying louder than the widow'! (Did you hear that?) This evil woman had declared her husband dead, while the man was still breathing and talking, though suffering from an advanced stage of a malignant tumor, called cancer of the brain. She called herself a widow while her husband was still living!

The anticlimax was when, Alfredo, from his sick bed deployed his cunning snare to lure an unwary L.F to follow him to La Paz for his physiotherapy. When I saw this aspect, I prayed silently never to be a victim of the rage of jealousy. This young lady was not just an object of jealousy, but a "VICTIM" or "CAPTIVE". To ask a lady to follow you to another continent, and abandon her business, source of her income, and carry a 2-year old boy who was not your son, to follow you on that trip, is asking too much.

Don't get me wrong. This miserable chap called Alfredo had abandoned his promising and brilliant career, for over two years now, just to keep the 'love cage' sealed, so that the 'love bird'- L.F, would not fly out of it. A successful medical doctor abandoned the hospital where he had prospects and came to sit idly in a floral shop selling flowers. That is a mental sickness called inordinate obsession, that is no longer love! Please, spare me of this sickness.

Alfredo reminded L.F of the marital wows of " ... in sickness and in health, till death do us apart ..." he told her that " ... if not because of this stup*d accident, we would have been married now". That was his justification why she MUST follow him to La Paz. Carlos Eduardo told her the truth that Alfredo was plying the victim in order to tie her down. he vehemently oppossed the move by L.F to escort Alfredo. Would he succeed? Find out in Snippets 122, 123 and 124.

The chicken had come home to roost. Armando Perreira-Montero declared to Carol, his girlfriend, that the more he found out about his father, L.A, the more he hated him. He also warned that if Jennifer should hurt his half-sister, L.F, she would have to contend with him.

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