Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 123: One Down, Three To Go!

Seeing his receding strength, doctors rushed Heriberto for the first X-Ray session, so he was unable to complete his confession to Don Fernando. But what Heriberto said was enough to stir up the curiosity of Don. So, he went to challenge "Concealer" Consuela, (as one of our revered 'gardeners' from Kano, Nigeria, would call her), what the matter was, as per his granddaughter.

Jennifer de la Mocker, came visiting Marissa to show hypocritical solidarity with her. She even suggested that Marissa should agree to organise a counter-press conference to expose L.A too. Marissa foolishly agreed, thinking, her 'friend' was helping her.

Heriberto agreed to the surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from his brain. He died during the surgical operation led by Carlos.

Pedro reported back to Marissa on how he beat up L.A, to a pulp when he read in the papers how L.A discredited her. Marissa felt bad by the scuffle and also reminded him that he had terminated their relationship because of the negative publicity, why was he still fighting on her behalf.

L.F came to tell Alfredo that she was not going to follow him to La Paz. Alfredo countered by accusing her of breaking her vows to always stand by him, the way he stood by her when she was in jail. Xochil went to one corner to weep because, Alfredo did not show any affection to the lavish expression of her love for him, but was rather begging and running after L.F that didn't love him.

Consuelo told L.A that she had stolen the original Will of Don, prepared by Mujica. L.A asked her to show it to him, so he can study it. She ignorantly gave it to him.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 ur contribution 2 dis love story.mrs conceal will soon get 2 d cross road.She does not have feelings 4 her only biological relative.Her own neice 4 dat matter.We still have people like dat existing in dis is also an educative story.vivien.