Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Can't Compete With Love

Victor, the florist attendant at L.F's Floral shop made a profound statement tonight that turned me into an attentive student in the school of True Love. He never ceases to poke the truth that hurts L.F's compromising status and folly, in regards to her 'unbreakable' marital commitment to Alfredo Anzola.

When L.F was pouring her frustration at the absurd and annoying jealousy of Alfredo, even from his sick bed, Victor made her to realize that Alfredo was not competing with Carlos Eduardo, but with the indomitable spirit of Love. What a remarkable statement! I drew conclusion, like a good student, from thereon that, every time you strive to win somebody's love and it became an obsession, to the point whereby you begin to 'scheme' and manipulate that person to 'love' you, it means you are unwittingly going on a head-on collision with the fiery edge of the sword of Love. God help you, if you survive that collision.

Many of the rivalry battles waged by boyfriends and girlfriends, were wars waged against the entity called LOVE. Those battles were not for Love, but against Love. Love is gentle, truelove is pure. Every attempt to manipulate the innocence and gentleness of love, is nothing but a pollution, and that is why many are emotionally scarred by the flames of this cupid goddess. Love conquers all, and Love cannot lose, it has never lost any war. May you never be squared on the same ring against Love. May you always be on the righteous and winning side of Love. We have already read this in Snippet 119 and the next dramatic one that followed.

Forgive me for waxing philosophical, it was Victor who conquered me with that profound statement, that a person can unwittingly "compete" with Love. I have always seen myself as a lover or loving or being loved. I have never really seen Love as an independent entity, that could take its own decision, and fight its own wars, regardless of the combatants will.

Luis Alejandro Montero has proven that he was a mafioso boss, in fact he would be the last man to fall in this telenovela. A proverbial cat with nine lives. Heriberto Sotomayor has finally succumbed to the death throes of brain cancer. He would irredeemably go down to the grave with his guilt for been an accomplice, who inspired Consuelo in all her evil schemes.

One by one, the agents of wickedness would begin to lose out. Consuela too would not be spared in the next ten episodes. In fact, Jeniffer survived the ambushes of vengeance until she buckled at the last chapters. The battle ground is about to be shifted to a new frontiers- La Paz.

Alfredo fired the first shots, by demanding that L.F must follow him for that trip for as long as it lasts, even if six months. He suffered from a complex that convinced him that he would lose his captive fiancee, L.F, to Carlos if he lets her out of his site for even a week. Snippets 120, Snippets 121 and Snippet 122, would point the way forward in this telenovela. Go ahead and check those three snippets out.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Is Alfredo suffering from amnesia or what?! Doesn't he remember how he used to taunt CE over Luisa Fernanda? The situation is reversed now, but I wish CE will be aggressive in the pursuit of LF so he (Alfredo) can suffer more and realise that he shouldn't have gone after LF in the first place knowing that she belonged to CE. This is a big lesson in life; look before you leap, don't make mockery of people in dire situations and don't try to take advantage. The roles may reverse tomorrow.

Philomena Ojikutu said...


You sound mean towards Alfredo. If by 'big lesson' you mean we should be considerate, then, your advise to Carlos to be aggressive could be interpreted as "Time to mock Alfredo".

The best way to show that Alfredo is a shameless looser, is to continue to poke fun at L.F and her folly of a 'commitment' to Alfredo.

Don't forget that the reins of decision lies with L.F and not with miserable Alfredo.

Keep gardening, sister.

Anonymous said...

I agree with phil. L.F is the one dgragging the whole thing with the so called loyalty she feels.

Anonymous said...

Luisa Fernanda shouldn’t prompt me to say she’s stupid by not deciding or open up to Alfredo that she doesn’t love him that she only needed him out of gratitude. There is no way she can compromise her love to Carlos. If I were Carlos Eduardo I would allow her to follow Alfredo to La Paz and even get married to her detriment and I would take my son away her after all there are thousand good nannies like Rosario out there that can take care of him.
Emma Antigha