Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 122

Lawyer Mujica recovered the original Will of Don Fernando and passed it to him. Consuelo took a mental note of where the old man kept the Will. Reuben became jealous of Ordonez, he told Lupe that he wanted her to remarry him. Lupe said NO.

Vanessa came to the hospital the next day to warn her father to tell Don Fernando the whole truth about Amelia and her daughter, so that Consuelo would not twist the story in his absence.

L.A has now become the whipping boy of Pedro and Carlos. When they read all the fabrications of L.A in the newspapers about Marissa being a cheat and adulterer. They went wild and went to meet L.A at his apartment, Pedro beat him into a pulp. L.A instructed Solozarno to shoot and kill Pedro in retaliation for the beating he received from him. Carlos blocked and and prevented Solozarno from fulfilling L.A's wishes.

The press coverage of the adultery scandal was sensational, and became the hottest gist in town. When Armando and Carol told Jenny about it, she was happy and made a mockery of the disgrace of her "confidant and friend"- Marissa Gomez. For her, it was another indirect blow against Luisa Fernanda- her worst nightmare and obsession. Journalists and T.V presenters invited Marissa to grant interviews to defend herself or clear the air over the allegations of adultery by L.A, she refused to grant any interview to the Press.

L.F began to search for Pedro, and was told that Pedro had gone to fight L.A in his apartment, so, she ran there and found her Pedro and Carlos in a brawl with L.A and Solozarno. L.A began to curse and denigrate Pedro and Carlos. L.F could not stand the two people in her life, whom she loved, to be so insulted, she marched on L.A and ... GBHOSA!!! Heavy slaps rained down on L.A from Luisa Fernanda, his biological daughter. She told him how shameless and ungrateful he was, for treating the man (Pedro), that raised her up for twenty years, when he (L.A), absconded after impregnating Amelia, with disdain.

The adultery scandal began to take its toll, the judge over the case of Salvador changed his mind when reading of how Pedro and Marissa, were irresponsible adulterers, as alleged by L.A in all the newspapers.

Leopoldo negotiated with Mujica that he would testify of all the evils L.A did against Marissa, in exchange for his freedom and pardon on the other case of attempted murder of L.A. Mujica passed this information to Ordonez and also the fact that he has passed the Original Will to Don.

Consuelo stole the original Will of Don Fernando, and went to hide it in Heriberto's drawer in the factory. Virginia saw her and challenged her on what she was doing there, Consuelo sent her out of the office. Don Fernando appointed Consuelo as the acting President of the Iron and Steel company, in the absence of Heriberto. When Don came to tell Heriberto in the hospital, that he has appointed Consuelo as the new President of the Steel company, he was alarmed, knowing the danger that his wife represent to the old man's fortune, he began immediately to confess to Don Fernando that Don has a granddaughter whom he knows and is alive ... his health grew worse, his voice grew faint...

Caesar told Clarita that he wanted a career switch from driver to a better job, as suggested by his run-away father, Reuben. Clarita accused him of disloyalty, and that he wanted to jump ship because of the current travail they were going through.


Anonymous said...

Its really pitifull for a young girl like Lusia Fernada to face a sort of circumstances but she is very strong and bright than even elders...I love it and learn from her behaviour. What about you? Thanks to You who posts the episodes...

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Please mamy send me the full adress i mean the email adress of Mariana Yolanda Ochoa Yeres my beloved actress. I want to congratulate her for keeping me busy watching the Gardener's Daughter tough i got tired.

I'm a Tanzanian young woman fond of movies...