Monday, December 11, 2006

Snippets 146

Alfredo behaved like a typical emotional landlord over L.F. accusing her of treachery and demanding explanation from her on why she was still moving in the company of Carlos, whom he claimed was a man of questionable and dubious character. After heated disputations between the two of them, L.F walked out on him.

Alfredo went to visit Carlos in the prison and mocked him, gloating over him that as a 'thief', Carlos was not a good model for model Pedrito, therefore he (Alfredo), would file for adoption of the boy and raise him as his child, away from the thieving example that Carlos had laid for him. Carlos assured him that he was a defeated and jealous foe and L.F would never marry him, so, on what platform would he adopt Pedrito?

Schemers Fall Apart!
Consuelo, almost suffered a nervous break down after L.A refused to return to her the latest will of Don Fernando which he obtained from her some few weeks ago on the pretext that he wanted to study it. He told her that He is going to hand it over to the owner, which is his own biological daughter, Luisa Fernanda.

Vanessa rushed back to the hospital to tell Rigo of his encounter with Pedro and the latest news of Carlos Eduardo's imprisonment for theft and burglary. Baba Fernando could no longer pretend to remain in coma at this news of his beloved boy being locked up for attempted robbery. He was jolted back into full consciousness, and woke to ask them to explain to him what happened to C.E.

Carlos detention and L.A's propagation of the 'robbery' was a blessing in disguise. It afforded Pedro and Marissa opportunity to reconcile again as Pedro apologized ton her and supported her during this difficult times.

Reuben suspected foul play in the way and manner of L.A setting trap for Caesar and Carlos. Jennifer asked Carol to cover for her, in the midst of a successful advertising campaign so she could attend court hearing and give support to Carlos.

She was surprised to find L.F in the court, she started a heated argument with L.F and pushed her to fall with bruises on the ground.

L.F suspected that Alfredo was already falling in love with Xochil and she mentione dthis fact to a family friend called Victor.

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