Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forgive Him!

Pardon me for being off air in the last 5 days. My 3-year-old daughter, Gbemisoke, got under the weather with vomiting and stooling, thank God, she is back on her feet hale and hearty, tomorrow she would resume school.

Pedro surprised me yesternite. For the first time, I now know the real selfish reason why he concealed the paternity of L.F, and connection to Don Fernando, was because he wanted to avenge his humiliation of 25 years ago by Don. The old man had threatened to shoot Pedro to death when he bore false witness by admitting that he was the one that impregnated Don's daughter, Amelia. Don then threw Amelia out of the house and sacked Pedro from his gardener's job.

He made sure that the old man suffered and never knew that L.F was his granddaughter. What an uncanny way to punish your assumed enemy. What Pedro forgot was that he needed the forgiveness of Marissa too, while withholding same from Don Fernando. It took Vanessa to lecture Pedro on the virtues of forgiveness, before he realized that he had held on for too long his bitterness towards Fernando.

In his selfish and silent fight against Don Fernando, Pedro forgot that he was unwittingly hurting the people closest to him most- L.F and Marissa.

Guillermo has started to play the hide and seek game with Jennifer de la Vega. They have a lot advertising campaigns to do across many countries, and he had secretly invited Xochil for an interview and possible training, to become a model, perhaps in readiness for Jenny's frequent mental somersaults.

Jenny would dribble him again tonight when she sees L.F beside Carlos on TV as he was being arrested and handcuffed for attempted robbery. Her obsessive instability would make her to delay or postpone her business trip with Guillermo, as she would want to show off her 'feigned' solidarity with Carlos. This, for her, is another plunge in her rivalry war with L.F.

That 'pain-in-the-neck' called Alfredo Anzola was in his ear-sore best when he challenged and accused Pedro for supporting L.F escapades with Carlos Eduardo. He acted as an emotional landlord when he accused Vanessa too of covering up for L.F.

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I would resume posting Rebeca today, notwithstanding the criticism of my hubby in his make money online blog over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

My dear Philo,

Sorry about you little one. Wishing he/her good health. What i want to ask you is when are you going to start posting Love without Conditions. My regards to your family. Love Vivian (Abuja)

Emmanuel Olofin said...

Phil, Thank God, Gbemisoke is now "above" the weather and she continue to be so in life, and will eventually lift you up as you have been lifting up the spirit of many people on your blog. Give Mummy your tiny Five, Gbemi and may your teachers not go on strike!

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Esteemed friend Vivian, and my dearest Egbon, Prof. Emmanuel Olofin.

Thanks for your solidarity with me. Thanks for your prayers too.

LWC? my hands are full right now with Rebeca, and Ugly Betty.

Amor sin condiciones (LWC) would come on board among the 20 telenovelas for this year, don't worry.

caleb chidama said...

Unty Philo,
very sorry 4 de sickness of Gbemi, I pray for quick healing in Jesus name. Please extend my heartfelt conern to her.