Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snippets 139

The anger of an emotionally wounded and rejected Jennifer was like a fiery furnace. She headed to expose Pedro and Carlos to Marissa. She told Marissa that her new lover, Pedro, has been hiding the fact that Luisa Fernanda was not his daughter, but the daughter of her estranged husband, Luis Alejandro. She told her that her son Carlos Eduardo was an accomplice in the hideous game. She did all this to hit back at L.F and Carlos, because Carlos had finally parted ways with her, and she told Marissa about this too.

The burden of guilt weighed heavily on Don Fernando, he was heart broken for his maltreatment of his late daughter Amelia. He slipped out of the house, walking the streets and ended up in the park weeping profusely. Pancho and Salvador saw this old man weeping as they walked by on there way to Ordonez-Lupe wedding. The stopped to console him and took him to Pedro's floral shop.

Carlos went to the new house he just bought to pack his belongings from there, since he has parted ways with Jenny. She tried desperately to seduce him but Carlos refused her advances and kisses. He advised her to be contented and happy with the man (Guillermo), who loves her dearly.

Marissa was so furious and told Jenny that she could not help her to get Carlos back, because she was already living with Guillermo. She however demanded of her to escort her to meet L.A to confirm the truth of L.F being his daughter.

Carlos announced to Mujica that the stolen documents from the bank now resides in L.A's new office, and that he was planning to break into the place without anyone's knowledge to retrieve them.

Consuelo warned L.A that his son, Armando knew that She (Consuelo) was responsible for the woes of Amelia and L.F. L.A assured her that he would handle Armando and incite him to oppose Pedro in their battle.

Pedro sat L.F down to tell her the story of Amelia's rich family, L.F stood up, telling him that she is not interested in it.

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