Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snippets 138

Rigoberto let the cat out of the bag. She told Don about his daughter, Amelia whom he sent out of his house, over 20 years ago, because she got impregnated by her boyfriend. She also told him that Amelia gave birth to a baby girl, and was jilted by her boyfriend. That she lived with a poor gardener until her death. The old man was very sad that he could have done such a wicked thing to his daughter in the past. He said he would not forgive himself for such wickedness.

When Consuelo returned, Don queried her over the revelation of Rigo. Consuelo lied and twisted the story upside down. She told Don that he sent Amelia out because Amelia and her boyfriend stole his money, and he decided to punish her by sending her and her boyfriend out of the house. Don broke down and wept bitterly for his alleged past deeds.

Vanessa and her fiance agreed to honor Carlos and L.F as the godfather and godmother of their baby that would be born after their wedding.

Guillermo went to confess to Marissa that he loved Jenny but Jenny is still going out with Carlos. Marissa advised him to be patient with Jenny. Jennifer, later apologized to Guillermo for standing him on, all day, while she went to discuss with Carlos Eduardo. Guillermo invited her for another "supper" in his hotel, she accepted.

Since Lupe moved to the house of her new husband, Caesar and Clarita announced to Marissa that they were moving to Lupe's former house, having collected the keys from her. Caesar also confirmed to Marissa that L.A was the new legal adviser to his father's company.

Xochil and L.A were in a bar, she shared with him her sadness, caused by the infatuation and obsession of Alfredo for L.F. L.A told her to forget Alfredo, that he would give her a fulfilled, romantic and settled life with lots of money to accompany.

The lawyer friend of Alfredo encouraged him to take his medication and get well quick, so he can fight as a whole man and not as an invalid for Luisa Fernanda's love.

Carlos Eduardo made plans to break into and remove the bank's stolen document from L.A's office.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Phil for your wonderful snippets which is coming at the pace that matches my eagerness to know where this interesting story of intrigues, lies, schemes, cover-ups, class discrimination, etc will lead. The merging of the classes that seems to be emerging is of interest. However, why is everyone hiding Luicito from Don, even old Rigo falls short of telling him the important facts? I wonder why she should launch into the stale story of Amelia and the rejection when she could easily have said - Look Don, Luicito is that granddaughter you have been searching for. What you have been looking for in Sokoto is in the pocket of your sokoto! Full Stop. Perhaps the full disclosure of this fact ends this story and that is why the writer keeps on edging round it.